Celebrate Yorkshire Day in Marble Arch

Whether it’s dinner (lunch), tea (dinner), bait (snack) or spice (sweets) you’re after, we’ve pinpointed the places to celebrate Yorkshire Day in the Marble Arch area. Yorkshire is synonymous with comforting and tasty foods, but that doesn’t mean you must leave London to enjoy it. Let’s take a gander at the culinary delights from ‘God’s Own Country’ right here on your doorstep. How Jammy are we?

For dinner or tea, pay a visit to Boxcar on New Quebec Street. The independent butcher, deli & grill supplies artisan sausages from Porcus, a small farm business nestling on the picturesque Yorkshire moors. You can purchase the sausages at Boxcar or enjoy them in one of the restaurant’s excellent, and fully English sourced, dishes.

If it’s bait you’re after, stop by Buchanan’s Cheesemongers in Connaught Village. The award-winning cheese shop and tasting room can provide you with Yorkshire’s finest cheeses, from Cheddar to Wensleydale. Yorkshire and cheese go together like…cheese and crackers. In fact, Wensleydale cheese is named after the town in North Yorkshire from where it was created.

For some spice, hit The Gate on Seymour Place for its delicious Rhubarb Eaton Mess dessert. Yorkshire has pioneered the growing of the tart stalks with Rhubarb Triangle, a 9-square-mile triangle in West Yorkshire that is famous for producing early forced varieties. Whilst Eaton mess originates from Eton College in the South East of England, we’re embracing the Northern additions that perk up this classic dish.

Lastly, if you can wait until Sunday, enjoy a roast at The Chapel or The Larrik, both off Edgware Road by the Marylebone Flyover, for some hearty and all-time favourites – Yorkshire puddings. Known as the favourite part of any Sunday Roast, the Yorkshire puds at both The Chapel and The Larrik cannot be missed.

There you have it. Stop faffin’ about and delve into the Yorkshire goodness right here in Marble Arch. You’ll be well chuffed you did.

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