Enhancing the Environment

Where the buzz of West End shopping meets the tranquillity of Hyde Park strolls, an emerging commercial quarter has grown into a premier destination for business, socialising and eating out, all within a stone’s throw of one of the UK’s treasured national monuments.

There is huge scope for economic growth and success in this 24/7 district which has struggled to keep up with the pace of change and investment in the adjoining West End. We want to improve the look and feel of the area and encourage business and leisure to thrive.

Marble Arch BID will seek to enhance the environment by: Marble Arch BID will seek to enhance the environment by: Marble Arch BID will seek to enhance the environment by:

Marble Arch BID will seek to enhance the environment by:

  • Working with Transport for London to improve pedestrian movement on Edgware Road, focusing on junctions and crossings to enhance safety.
  • Save money and improve deliveries with DeliverBEST, the diagnostic tool that instantly provides businesses with bespoke recommendations relating to procurement, waste, fleet and staff behaviour change based on the organisation’s needs.
  • Providing local businesses and organisations with preferred suppliers to reduce freight, save businesses money and improve London’s air quality through West End Buyers Club.
  • Exploring options to improve air quality in the area, working to reduce congestion by promoting delivery consolidation, walking, providing more facilities for cycling and playing a full part in the new Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood.
  • Launching a dedicated personal deliveries portal for people who work and live in the Marble Arch and Edgware Road areas; find out how Click:Collect can work for you in our video guide.
  • Improving the Marylebone Flyover location through enhanced lighting and new public art.
  • Installing festive lights on Edgware Road for Christmas.
  • Ensuring that the proposed pedestrianisation of Oxford Street does not adversely affect Marble Arch and Edgware Road, in terms of accessibility, congestion and air pollution.
  • Hosting footfall counters across the area to underpin efforts to improve pedestrian crossings, and which provide businesses with vital intelligence for trading decisions.
  • Building a live air quality map to baseline conditions in the area and link this to the overall London’s picture.
  • Using a specialist, uniformed street team to act as the eyes and ears of the area, mapping, reporting and monitoring street conditions and problems.


If you have concerns about a particular area or want to raise an issue with us please email getinvolved@marble-arch.london.

Enhancing the Environment
Enhancing the Environment