Banksy’s monumental artwork at Marble Arch

Banksy, one of the world’s most controversial street artists, is believed to have chosen Marble Arch for his latest artwork. The piece was revealed on the last day of a nearly two-week peaceful protest Extinction Rebellion, which was headquartered at Marble Arch.

Banksy artwork at Marble Arch

The artwork adheres to the stencilled style and political nature Banksy is known for. It depicts a young child holding a small placard showcasing the Extinction Rebellion‘s logo. Next to the girl, the artwork reads “From this moment despair ends and tactics begin”.

Banksy, the famously anonymous artist who’s pieces sell for millions, has not yet confirmed if he was behind the piece at Marble Arch. However, Westminster City Council has enlisted experts to inspect the piece. Andrew Tetley, an art dealer who has sold multiple Banksy pieces, analysed the piece and believes that its quality and style indicate it is authentic.

Westminster has taken measures to preserve the piece until it can be confirmed if its a verified Banksy art piece. Here’s hoping!