Where are all the Souvenirs of Marble Arch?

Have you seen any souvenirs of Marble Arch?

Up until the 1960s Marble Arch was on the top 10 list of things to see in London.

As this postcard shows, it was up there with St Paul’s, Tower of London and Parliament as an attraction to write home about and sight to want a souvenir of.

There are plenty of vintage postcards featuring views of Marble Arch from the turn of the century right up to the 1980s available to buy online.

But what other souvenirs of Marble Arch have been produced?

In 1951 an electro plated nickel silver Marble Arch teaspoon was on sale at the Festival of Britain. We think it’s rather elegant.

In the 1960s, this celebratory tea towel starring Marble Arch was on sale. Franklin Engelmann was a popular BBC broadcaster, who had a radio show from 1955-1972 called “Down Your Way”. Clearly he saw a merchandising opportunity in playing on the name and showcasing London landmarks.

As recently as the late 1990s, this superbly detailed miniature model of the Arch was being made and sold.

We’ve had a close look and the only thing they got wrong was that the keystones of the arches are the same on both sides, whereas on the actual arch, one side has bearded male figures (as in the model) and the other, a magnificent lion’s head at the top flanked by Athenian warriors on the two smaller arches.

You can read more about all the sculpture on Marble Arch here.

We found a tiny silver Marble Arch charm online and thought it perfect for the keyring of a special key … it’s a secret which lock it fits, however.

Sadly, the only Marble Arch products to be found online today are a keyring bearing the Marble Arch tube sign and a souvenir coaster – both currently unavailable.

Our visits to London’s West End souvenir shops have drawn a blank.

Tube maps and street maps will feature Marble Arch amid the numerous attractions of central London on mugs, tea towels, jigsaws, pairs of pants and more.

But try and find a memento dedicated to our local landmark and you may well be disappointed.

Our own “Story of Marble Arch” booklet, therefore, seems to be the only quality souvenir of Marble Arch available to tourists and locals today.

You can visit the online version or request copies of the booklet from the Marble Arch London office.

Have you got a souvenir of Marble Arch or have you spotted one? Please let us know. Email getinvolved@marble-arch.london today.

Where are all the Souvenirs of Marble Arch?
Raphael Tuck & Sons postcard, posted in 1910 © Peter Berthoud
Where are all the Souvenirs of Marble Arch?
Down My Way with Franklin Engelmann Souvenir Marble Arch Tea Towel c1963 © Peter Berthoud
Where are all the Souvenirs of Marble Arch?
Model of Marble Arch by Lilliput Lane produced between 1999 and 2002 © Peter Berthoud
Where are all the Souvenirs of Marble Arch?
The perfect keyring .. but what for?