Stephanie, General Manager of the London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch

Stephanie Segoura, General Manager of the London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch joined us for a special Hidden Heroes interview to celebrate International Women’s Day on Monday 8 March.

1Can you explain your role in one sentence? I am responsible for the smooth running of all aspects of the London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch operation. With my wonderful team, we work hard to deliver great customer service to both our international and local guests.

2How long have you been doing this job? I started my career in hospitality back in 1997 and since then have worked in various roles within the industry including operations, events, and sales. In 2013, I took my first General Manager position and I have been the General Manager of London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch since June 2018.

3Did you find yourself in this role by accident or by design? By design. I knew from a young age that I wanted to work in hospitality as my parents owned hotels and I loved to travel. This undoubtedly inspired me to pursue a career within the industry. I have had the opportunity to work for some great companies, including Marriott International and leaders throughout my career, this inspired me to grow and helped me embrace new challenges.

4What is the best part about your job? Working with people; our guests and my team - every day is different; you never quite know what the next day will bring!

5 To help us celebrate International Women’s Day, what advice would you give to young women aspiring for senior corporate positions?To always challenge yourself and stay curious. Remember that things happen for a reason and unless you allow yourself to make the most of the journey set out in front of you, you will never know your full potential.

6What is the best lesson you learnt as a woman/female leader in hospitality?Trust your instinct - I believe that as women many of us have superpowers due to our ability to show empathy and to be nurturing. As a leader, lead from the front and make sure that people know they can always rely on you.

7What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?As previously mentioned, travelling is something I thoroughly enjoy and am currently missing. I love cooking for family and friends as much as eating out. Thanks to another one of my passions, running, I can keep the calories in check whilst discovering new parts of London and different cities – I always make sure to take a pair of trainers with me!

8What do you like about this area?I love the eclectic mix of businesses and the fact that Marble Arch is a tourist district intertwined in a residential area. I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and I never expected to find such a close-knit community in the centre of London. Marble Arch has a wonderful village feel too.

9Who is your female hero?I think it would have to be my mother. She has always encouraged and supported my siblings and I and has never lost patience over the years. She also provided us with valuable life lessons, which I treasure today.

10If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?With the current weather we have been experiencing over the past few months, it would have to be somewhere warm, sunny! I have a passion for food and wine and always wanted to visit Argentina. However, closer to London, I would have to pick my hometown of Sainte-Maxine in the South of France. I would love to reconnect with my roots and catch up with nature, friends, and family.