Scott the story teller

Scott is a business owner and long standing volunteer for Doorstep Library (Church Street).

1Can you explain your role in one sentence?As a Doorstep Library Reading Volunteer, I bring books to local families at their homes and read stories with children in the Church Street area.

2 How long have you been doing this volunteering role?I have been volunteering with Doorstep Library for over two years. I initially worked as a stand in volunteer in a number of areas before becoming a permanent reader in the Church Street team.

3Did you find yourself in this role by accident or by design?By design. I recently changed careers which has enabled me to have more control over my time. My wife was also already involved with the charity and I have always had a real passion for reading.

4What’s the best part about your role? Seeing children get into reading, whether it be a particular book or more generally. It is always really rewarding watching a child gain confidence and become more comfortable reading out loud.

5What’s the strangest thing that has ever happened to you in your role? I am now reading books with some of the children that I enjoyed as a child. There was one moment when a child and I were reading from the Flat Stanley series and I finally spotted one of the author’s hidden puns. It was an amusing moment for both of us.

6What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work / volunteering in this role?Reading of course. I am also a big fan of sports, hiking, cooking and eating.

7What do you like about this area? The connectivity of the area is brilliant, central London is literally on our doorstep. I actually used to live in North London, near to the Church Street area and so I have developed a strong affiliation to the place, with lots of my friends still living around there.

8Where’s your favourite place to go for lunch in the local area? There is a great fish and chip spot which has been around for years called The Sea Shell.

9Who is YOUR hero and what is it about them that inspires you?Both J.K Rowling and J.R.R Tolkien have amazing gifts. They have inspired hundreds of thousands of children (including my own daughter) to love reading through their wonderful stories.

10 If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?Patagonia is a place I have always wanted to visit.