Pop Art! The Art Cocktail Series at Lanes of London

Let the art speak for itself at Lanes of London. The Art Series is a monthly cocktail exploration based on the bespoke art pieces featured throughout Marriott London Park Lane.

Every month, Lanes of London is showcasing a unique cocktail inspired by a different piece of art using seasonal ingredients. Every cocktail mirrors the artwork in a unique and different way, whether though ingredients, colours or design. Talk about affordable art – each speciality concoction is priced at £12. Let the art series commence!

The series features:

1. Perspective – available in May

With an American-born artist behind this work, Lanes of London opted for a US-based vodka and decided to visually reproduce the colours and technique into the cocktail through sugar coating. The colours are also evoked by the ingredients: the red from the cherry, the green from the Apple, the Yellow from the bergamot and the orange from the grapefruit. Taste is a mixture of sweetness and fruity that enhances the abstract brushstrokes of the painting. As the artwork that inspires it, the cocktail is philosophical and introspective.

40ml Titos
10ml rose vermouth
10ml apple juice
10ml italicus
5ml maraska
2 drop grapefruit bitter

2. Mind over Matter – available in June

This Dutch whiskey based cocktail pays homage to Suzanne Jongmans, a Dutch artist that recreates Renaissance costumes using recycled materials in all her artworks. Lanes of London’s head mixologist decided to visually reproduce the artwork into the cocktail through colours (black and white) and also though the butterfly which is elegantly placed on the glass. The elegant flute used for the cocktail pays homage to the elegance of Renaissance while the straight shape of the glass is paradoxically opposes the size of the hat in the painting.
35ml Bols
15ml Figaro
15ml Lemon Juice
Pitch Charcol Active
2 Drops Orange Bitter

3. The unbearable lightness – Available in July

The playfulness of this cocktail is inspired by the colours and lightness of the original artwork while the wow factor is given by the accompanying miniature balloons which faithfully reproduce the ones of the artwork. It is a very refreshing drink, perfect as summer aperitif.
30ml Matusalem Bianco
10ml Limoncello
5ml Fernet Branca
15ml lemon juice
2 drops chocolate bitter
Rose lemonade

4. Equilibrium – Available in August

The orange colour of the cocktail refers to sunset represented in the painting while the blue cotton candy floss refers to the stormy clouds. Lanes of London added some electric bitter to create an unusual mouthfeel and amplify the stormy feeling of the artwork. The aim is to reflect the turbulence of the artwork in the harmony of the cocktail.
40ml Maker’s Mark
10ml Honey syrup infused peppercorn
10ml Goji Liquor
2 Drops Electric Bitter

5. Mind bombs – Available in September

Lanes of London wanted to recreate this artwork about energy, entropy and matter by giving a smoked taste to the cocktail that would awaken the senses. The smoking element creates the unique flavor of the drink which guarantees a multisensory experience.
35ml Pisco
10ml Compass Box
10ml Aperol
10ml Campari
10ml Sugar Syrup
2 drops Celery Bitter

6. Zephyr – Available in October

While the artwork is mainly reproduced visually though the use of colors (red and white) and garnish, the zen feeling of the artwork is recreated through the mixture of ingredients such as Amrut (Indian whiskey), Changuy Ningxia (Chinese wine), vermouth and berries.
30ml Amrut
30ml Changyu
15ml Chambord
15ml Antica formula
2 drop Angostura
Physalis leaf and white chocolate

Pop Art! The Art Cocktail Series at Lanes of London