Business Crime Group, 30 March 2022

Our next Business Crime Group will be held online on Wednesday 30 March 2022 from 10.30-11.30am.

Rebecca Molloy, Community Safety Manager at the Marble Arch BID, will brief our members on Shop Kind Action Day. #ShopKind is a new campaign supported by the UK’s biggest retailers, the Home Office and Crimestoppers, urging the public to ShopKind after the reopening of more stores and shops across the country. Abuse and violence towards shop workers is a bigger problem than many people might think, with at least 400 shop workers abused every day. The campaign aims to build positivity and encourage kindness to both shop workers and consumers in stores.

In July 2021 we entered a new Street Team contract with SecuriGroup, who will be present to discuss the strategic threat assessment they are undertaking on our behalf, listing all possible threats, their likelihood and impact. Based on that, a risk mitigation table is drawn up, often with no or low-cost improvements.

Our dedicated neighbourhood coordinator from Westminster City Council will update our members on the brilliant work that has been taking place to make the local area as safe as possible.

Safer West End and the Metropolitan Police (Hyde Park Ward) will also be on hand to talk through their recent operations, priorities, and insights, as well as answering any questions that our members would like to ask.

As always there will be an opportunity for you to raise any concerns that you have about the Marble Arch area with the relevant stakeholders present. If you have any issues that you would like us to specifically address during the meeting, please get in touch with Rebecca, Community Safety Manager at the Marble Arch BID.

Marble Arch London BID launched its Business Crime Group meetings in 2018 in response to pubs, restaurants and shops requests for tools to deal with certain types of antisocial behaviour, such as begging and harassing customers. Each meeting focuses on a different, relevant topic usually chosen by and relevant to our local businesses.

Any business in the Marble Arch BID can join our Business Crime Group, which meets on a quarterly basis to receive up-to-date tips, tools and advice from the Metropolitan Police, Safer West End and Westminster City Council’s Integrated Street Engagement Unit.