Business Crime Group for Marble Arch

Join us for the first Marble Arch Business Crime Group on Thursday 15 November, from 10am to 11.30am.

Pubs, restaurants and shops have told us that they are vulnerable to organised begging. Therefore, this meeting will provide tools to deal with certain groups of beggars harassing customers.

Also, businesses with concerns about shop-lifting, aggressive begging or rough sleeping outside your premises will receive tips on how to support vulnerable people and groups, as well as how to record and report incidents.

At the event you’ll hear from the Metropolitan Police, as well as Safer West End, Westminster Council’s Integrated Street Engagement Unit. Furthermore, Marble Arch Street Team will be present for you to meet, if you have not already.

To register your attendance or for further information please email Mike in the BID team.

Business Crime Group for Marble Arch