Click & Collect Your Black Friday Shopping

Last updated 23 August 2022: The Marble Arch Click & Collect service will be shutting down by 31 October 2022. You can find a local collect point on the new Click & Collect website.

If you’re primed to bag a load of bargains online this Black Friday, remember you can use Click & Collect locally to ensure you get your deliveries on time.

Even better, by avoiding personal deliveries to your Central London location, you’ll be helping ease traffic congestion and air pollution around Marble Arch and Edgware Road.

UPS delivery van Marble Arch

There are dozens of local collection points you can select for Click & Collect delivery, whether near work, home or somewhere in between. Check out our interactive map online.

TfL statistics demonstrate the impact of personal deliveries and the benefits of using Click & Collect:

  • 77% of UK customers are aware or concerned about the eco-impact of their online purchases .
  • Same day deliveries have an eco-impact around 30 times greater than next day deliveries .
  • Every year, Londoners return 66 million items of clothing to retailers offering free returns alone .
  • Failed deliveries can increase the carbon footprint of orders by up to 75 per cent because of additional trips for delivery or collection .
  • Four in five consumers would use a carbon-friendly delivery option if it was easily available. Using Click & Collect could lead to an 80 per cent reduction in delivery vehicles on the street, helping to ease congestion and make life in London better for everyone

So, avoid the frustration of missing a delivery at home or having to go to the collection office at the weekend or guessing when best to knock on your neighbour’s door. There are plenty of collection points in our local area available at convenient times for you.

Many of the Collect options are free, saving you costly delivery charges. We’ve also negotiated fantastic deals for you on the paid for services. Click & Collect makes sense if you live or work in the BID area.

By redirecting personal deliveries from your workplace you’ll be helping to make Marble Arch a nicer, safer and healthier area for all. Find out more.

Click & Collect in Marble Arch

Find out more about how Marble Arch London BID is helping to improve the operating environment of the local area.