E-Scooter Trial Rolls into Westminster

Transport for London’s e-scooter trial was introduced in London on 7 June 2021. Initially operational in eight London boroughs, the trial rolls into Westminster on 2 August.

Only scooters that form part of the TfL trial are legally permitted on roads in London. Any other e-scooters on public roads and pavements that you see in London are operating illegally and subject to confiscation by the police. You can read the full Metropolitan Police policy position here.


TfL have partnered with three separate operators, which have all signed up to the same code of conduct:

E-Scooter Trial Rolls into Westminster

Dott e-scooter

E-Scooter Trial Rolls into Westminster

Lime e-scooter

E-Scooter Trial Rolls into Westminster

TIER e-scooter

Can anyone use an e-scooter?

You have to be over 18 to participate in the trial. Rigorous ID checks are required before you can register as a user. Riders need to download the operator’s App to use the service, find e-scooters and parking spaces. All riders must have at least a provisional driving licence.

How much does it cost to hire an e-scooter?

Rental will be priced at between £3.25 and £3.40 for a 15-minute ride.

How fast can e-scooters travel?

The speed of e-scooters is automatically limited to 12.5 mph.

Is training provided?

All first-time users have a lower speed limit and have to complete a supervised induction ride. This is known as the beginner mode.

Will e-scooters be left all over the pavement?

Designated parking zones for scooters have been created by Westminster Council. You can only finish your journey in one of these parking zones, otherwise you will continue to pay for your time on the scooter indefinitely. E-scooters are fitted with GPS trackers and camera positioning software, which has a 99% accuracy. The odd e-scooter could therefore be legitimately parked within a metre of a designated parking space.

How do I report an abandoned e-scooter?

In the event of finding an abandoned or stolen e-scooter, report it to the operator using the unique registration number on the scooter.

How do the operators maintain the e-scooters?

All e-scooters in the trial have lights and bells fitted as standard and have regular MOT and battery charging. Lights remain on throughout the duration of each ride. E-scooters have both front and back brakes.

E-scooters are fitted with sensors and self-diagnostics. Those damaged are immediately disabled.

How do I report riding on the pavement or other anti-social behaviour?

All e-scooters have a registration number on them. Contact the operator and cite the registration number if you see riders on the pavement, behaving irresponsibly or driving dangerously. The operator can then fine or ban the user from future use.

Technology is under development that enables the operators to detect pavement or tandem riding.

Are e-scooters allowed on the canal towpath?

No, they are only allowed on the road. You can read more about the Canal and River Trust (CRT) policy on e-scooters here.

Are e-scooters allowed in the Royal Parks?

No, the Royal Parks are not participating in the e-scooter trial. You can read their statement here.

Westminster Council has joined the trial for a period of 10 months, with an option to extend participation for up to six months.

The parking spaces in Westminster in this area can be found at:

  • Cleveland Square
  • Inverness Terrace
  • Leinster Square
  • Montagu Street
  • Norfolk Crescent
  • Old Quebec Street
  • Paddington Green
  • Portman Square
  • Tavistock Road

Feedback on the trial can be provided to TfL here or via their contact centre on 0343 222 1234.

E-Scooter Trial Rolls into Westminster
E-Scooter Trial Rolls into Westminster
E-Scooter Trial Rolls into Westminster