Electric Vehicle Charging Bays

Westminster Council is consulting on the introduction of 21 brand new electric vehicle charging bays. The Council wants to increase capacity for electric vehicle (EV) charging in the city, and is therefore introducing Source London infrastructure, which allows double-headed chargers – meaning two vehicles can access the charger at the same time.

Westminster already has over 2,400 charge points across the city, made up of slow, fast and rapid chargers. TfL also have a network across their roads.

The new electric vehicle charging points will offer motorists a fast 22kW AC charge option, which can fully charge a vehicle in four hours. The new bays will therefore be short stay bays, with a maximum stay of four hours and no return on the same day.

To make space for these new bays, there will be some changes to kerbside layout, for car club bays, shared-use parking and pay-by-phone bays.

In the Marble Arch district the following changes are proposed:

  • Chapel Street north side – creating two new EV bays by replacing two shared-use parking spaces.
  • Great Cumberland Place east side – creating two new EV bays from existing car club bays.
  • Park West Place west side – creating two new EV bays from existing car club bays.
  • Bryanston Street north side – turning the existing pay-by-phone bays into two car club bays.
  • Norfolk Crescent near the entrance to Cambridge Square – replacing two shared use bays with two car club bays.
  • Sussex Place on the south side of Gloucester Square – creating two new EV bays from nearby shared-use bays.

Separately, Transport for London are upgrading the existing EV charging point on Harrow Road below the Marylebone Flyover (near Marks and Spencer) to include infrastructure with longer charging cables, following concerns about vehicles having to perform turns to access the charger.

Changes to Cabbell Street waiting restrictions

Westminster Council is also consulting on changes to waiting restrictions on both sides of Cabbell Street, outside and opposite Edgware Road underground station. This is in response to Marble Arch BID’s support for the occupiers of Capital House who experience difficulties collecting waste when cars are parked on existing single yellow lines at their vehicle entrance. The proposal is to introduce 6.5 metre lengths of double yellow line “at any time” waiting restrictions here.

Have your say

You can read the Traffic Order and view detailed plans for each location here.

Let us know your views or send your comments in directly by 11 October 2023, quoting reference 8013-03/CM, to: tmo.westminster@wsp.com.

Electric Vehicle Charging Bays
Electric Vehicle Charging Bays
Electric Vehicle Charging Bays
Electric Vehicle Charging Bays

Parking on Cabbell Street.

Electric Vehicle Charging Bays

Restricts access for waste collection.