Extinction Rebellion protest activity at Marble Arch: 20 April

Extinction Rebellion protest activity at Marble Arch continues, with Marble Arch being designated the base for demonstration. There is a significant presence at Marble Arch, which remains peaceful.

This is a police-led operation. Over 1,400 police officers are assigned to Extinction Rebellion; at Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square, Oxford Circus and Marble Arch. Arrests made to date are mostly under S.14 of the Public Order Act. Conditions of this Act do not yet apply at Marble Arch, where protestors have been encouraged by the police to head.

Information from the Metropolitan Police and Westminster City Council indicates that Extinction Rebellion activity is likely to last until 28 April.

Road Closures

Road closures and cordons will remain in place until further notice on Bayswater Road (eastbound) from Lancaster Gate, on Edgware Road (southbound) from Upper Berkeley Street and Park Lane (northbound) from Queen Elizabeth Gate. Great Cumberland Place is also closed from Seymour Street.

Central London buses are disrupted as a result, with 47 routes on diversion.

Download the detailed road closure map for your suppliers here. Please note that the situation is fluid and cordon boundaries do move in response to local conditions. We’ll keep this map updated as often as we can.


Delivery vehicles will be permitted into the cordons only late at night or early in the morning, under police supervision, by local agreement. Construction vehicles will only be permitted into the cordon with a banksman.

Parking Restrictions

While delivery restrictions are being relaxed during the protest period, please note that parking restrictions remain in place and are being enforced.

Westminster City Council Services

For concerns about noise or missed City Council waste collections please call 020 7641 2000.

Street sweeper services continue as normal.

If you see offensive graffiti associated with the protests, the City Council will remove this if you call 020 7641 2000. Chalk markings on roads and pavements will not be removed until the protest has come to an end.

Saturday 20 April – 4/20 event at Hyde Park

Saturday 20 April marks 4/20, an international counter-culture holiday in which people gather to consume cannabis, as well as advocate for legalisation. The UK’s largest unofficial and unregistered gathering takes place every year in Hyde Park with a record-breaking 18,000 congregating in 2018. The event takes place throughout the day, but peak time for crowds and congregation takes place around 4:20pm on 20 April (4/20). The Metropolitan Police and The Royal Parks are aware of the occasion. The policing plan at Marble Arch has been adjusted for this.

Impact on Your Operations

The police continue to welcome impact statements. Let us know if your staff, guests, customers or operations are disrupted and we will pass this information on.
Please email responses to getinvolved@marble-arch.london.

  • Can you tell us the impact these protests are having, if any, on you and your business, staff, guests, pupils, customers. For example; deliveries, waste collection, mobility impaired staff or guests being unable to reach you, traffic diversions, access to buses, noise at night.
  • What is the estimated cost, either financially or otherwise, of this impact?

For more information on travel:

  • Check travel status via BBC London Travel Alerts here
  • Stay updated via the Metropolitan Police’s Twitter page
  • Sign up for TfL Travel Alerts here
  • Check travel status via TfL’s dedicated webpage here
  • Keep track of the protest’s whereabouts by following the hashtag #ExtinctionRebellion

It is important to implement safeguarding measures for your business. Visit our website for information on how to secure your shop, how to lock down your premises, and security advice for schools.

Extinction Rebellion protest activity at Marble Arch: 20 April
Extinction Rebellion protest activity at Marble Arch: 20 April
Extinction Rebellion protest activity at Marble Arch: 20 April