Fly Tipping Hotspot Cleaned Up

A fly tipping hotspot by the road sweepers’ bin on the corner of Connaught Place has finally been cleaned up. 

The big black bin formerly located there was attracting regular fly tipping. Rubbish opportunistically dumped there ranged from electrical waste (fax machines) to builders waste (bits of wood) and residential waste (carrier bags full of household waste).

Connaught Place Fly Tipping

There are 19 businesses in Connaught Place, and all mentioned the state of the area around the bins every time colleagues from the BID met them.

Keen to address this frustrating eyesore for our members and the local area, we committed to get the street sweepers’ bin relocated. This has now been achieved!

Remaining is the salt/grit bin for winter and a new Duobin has been installed, offering passersby bins for both litter and recycling, making for a much improved local environment on this busy and notable corner.

Westminster County Council’s advice on waste disposal for businesses is as follows:

All businesses have a duty of care to ensure that all of their waste is disposed of without harming the environment. The waste must be separated into materials that can be recycled (papers, cardboard, plastics etc) and waste that cannot be recycled. The waste must be put out for collection directly outside your premises, securely closed and tied up and in the right bag – whether recycling or a general waste bag.  It’s important that the waste can’t leak. Cardboard can be bundled. Black bags must not be used. The waste must be put out for collection at the right time – the times are displayed on notices on lamp columns or you can find them here: 

If you are on Edgware Road, waste can be put out for collection 30 minutes before the collection periods which are 09:00-10:00, 18:30-19:30 and at midnight-01:00 throughout the week.

If you use Westminster City Council to dispose of your business waste service, then none of your waste gets sent to landfill, rather it is used to generate power and heat for homes across London.

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Fly Tipping Hotspot Cleaned Up