Have your say: The Royal Parks Movement Strategy

The Royal Parks, the charity to support and manage 5,000 acres of Royal parkland across London, is embarking on an ambitious journey to develop a Movement Strategy and is asking Londoners, like yourself, and park visitors for their views with a deadline on 14 July 2019. The strategy will aim to set a long-term vision for how park visitors access, experience and move within the parks.

With London facing a range of challenges, including increasing congestion, diminishing air quality and lack of access to high quality green space, The Royal Parks’ Movement Strategy will aim to both protect the parks and enhance the park visitor experience. It will serve as a decision-making guide for all movement and access choices in the parks and will set out the charity’s long-term intentions.

The strategy will include a comprehensive exploration of all movement and access related issues and opportunities that are relevant to the parks both now and into the foreseeable future.

This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Increasing safety for all park visitors by minimising the conflicts between different transport user groups
  • Promoting active and sustainable modes of transport as the first choice for visitors
  • Reducing the impact of vehicle-based traffic on the parks
  • Continuing to prioritise walking in the parks

To learn more, you can visit the website here or read/download a discussion paper, available here, which sets out the draft vision and principles for the charity’s Movement Strategy. These summarise the organisation’s aspirations and provide the basis for developing a series of bold projects and proposals across all eight parks.

In addition to seeking input from key partners such as Transport for London and neighbouring boroughs, The Royal Parks also wants park visitors to get involved and is asking for their views to help create the long-term strategy. Have your say and take the survey here. The deadline to provide input is 14 July 2019. The new Movement Strategy will then be launched later in the year.

Have your say: The Royal Parks Movement Strategy
Have your say: The Royal Parks Movement Strategy
Have your say: The Royal Parks Movement Strategy