Hostile Reconnaissance REAct Training

Join us for free Recognise, Engage, Act (REAct) Foundation Training with the Metropolitan Police on 8 March from 9:30-10:30 am. This succinct 30-minute foundation training is designed for all personnel to recognise suspicious behaviour or activity, engage with individuals in a friendly purposeful conversation and act upon their suspicions. Participants will gain insight on:

• An understanding of what hostile reconnaissance is, where hostiles get their information and what they are looking for;
• The Insider Threat;
• Examples of suspicious activity;
• The Power of Hello – how personnel can make a real difference through friendly engagement;
• Understanding a site or organisation’s reporting procedures;
• Interaction with the public; the importance of the type of information gathered and thanking them for reporting suspicious activity.

This quick and effective training is offered by the Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure (CPNI) in partnership with the National Project Servator Delivery Team (NPSDT) with the Metropolitan Police Service.


Hostile Reconnaissance REAct Training
Hostile Reconnaissance REAct Training