Joint Operation with the Police’s Rough Sleeping Street Engagement Team

Marble Arch BID works closely with the City Council and the Metropolitan Police, who carry out regular joint operations through the designation of the Community Protection Zone. In a recent operation the Police’s rough sleeping Street Engagement Team teamed up with officers from the Central Specialist Crime team who specialise in Modern Day Slavery. The Street Engagement Team, three Romanian speaking officers and a Romanian speaking volunteer joined the City Council’s rough sleeping team to engage with the local Roma population for signs of Modern Day Slavery or people trafficking.

Community Protection Zone

Community Protection Zone

They spoke to 15 members of the Roma community around Marble Arch and the central reservation of Park Lane. They enquired as to how they got to the UK, if anyone facilitated their travel, if their family was at risk and whether they needed police or Council assistance. Once this area was fully explored, the Police‘s Central Specialist Crime team were able to say that there were no signs of modern day slavery, but the organised crime network needed exploring further. The teams then moved up and patrolled along Edgware Road and into Paddington.

During this patrol they stopped and searched an individual outside Tesco on suspicion of drug use, handed out Community Protection Notices to two individuals outside Lloyds bank who were caught begging, which means that they risk arrest and banning from the area if they continue to beg. They also carried out another stop and search for drugs on Praed Street and referred a rough sleeper to St Mungo’s Community Housing Association.

The Police and the City Council carry out these operations on a regular basis in our area, and we are delighted to say that they have allowed us to keep you updated on the results of their operations. We will continue to provide evidence to the Police and the City Council to support further operations and implementation of the Community Protection Zone.

Please do contact our Street Team on 07825 750777 if you need any support. Remember, in an emergency, or if a crime is in progress, please dial 999.

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