Key Achievements – Marble Arch Street Team

August 2022: The Street Team is now on duty Monday-Thursday from 8am-10pm and Friday-Saturday from 8am-midnight. 

Reducing crime and anti-social behaviour are top priorities for our members, be they offices, hotels, shops, venues, restaurants or schools. The same issues affect us all and the Marble Arch Street Team responds to requests for support all year round.

In July 2021 we entered a new Street Team contract with SecuriGroup. We were pleased to be able to retain two Street Team officers that had been working for the BID and we also successfully recruited a team of new officers who have integrated into the team exceptionally well, this now includes fully trained cover staff. With the new contract we increased the daily patrolling team from three to four, which now allows for two separate patrol teams to operate around the BID area. This has improved response times for businesses and widened BID patch coverage.

Since July 2021, the Marble Arch Street Team:

The Street Team also make regular reports to Westminster about fly-tipping, waste, damaged street furniture and highway assets. On average the team make 25 reports a month of environmental issues.

Whilst our Street Team and Community Safety Manager work closely with local policing teams and businesses to identify and respond to crime trends and hotspots, it is important that businesses report crimes directly to the Police. If the Police do not know that crimes are taking place, they cannot work to resolve them. Make sure to note down your crime reference number. Once crimes are reported, businesses are encouraged to share the crime reference number with the Street Team, or with our Community Safety Manager, so we can collate information and collaborate with the Police on a wider response.

The Street Team can be contacted by phone or WhatsApp on 07825 750 777 or 07852 566 122. If you have any questions about our safety and security work, please email our Community Safety Manager.

Remember, in an emergency always dial 999, and in a non-emergency dial 101. If you are calling both the police and the Street Team, please call the police first.