London’s Biggest Survey of Night Workers

University College London and the Greater London Authority have launched a major survey of London’s night workers.

More than 1.3 million people work through the night in London. Yet as the number of workers in this sector continues to grow, knowledge of the night-time workforce remains poor. This means that policy decisions on issues like public transport at night, the London Living Wage and employee safety lack a solid evidence base.

The Edgware Road district employs 20% of Westminster’s night-time economy staff, in hotels, casinos, bars and restaurants.

There are separate surveys for people who work at night and for businesses and organisations operating through the night:

  • For people who work at night, questions ask about the sector, travelling to and from work at night, your hours, your shift patterns, if you have more than one job, your working environment, how you eat meals on a night shift and how working at night could be improved for you.
  • For businesses operating at night, questions focus on the size of your business, your sector and working practices for night staff.

Each survey only takes five minutes to complete. The survey results will provide a vital deep dive into the lives of the people who keep London working 24/7.

The surveys close at the beginning of July 2024.

Night workers are an essential part of London’s economy, and we depend upon them to keep workplaces clean and secure, our hospitals open and to get us safely home at the end of a night out. However, compared to those who work during daylight hours, we have much less data about their needs and experiences. We hope this study will shed more light on how London can work better for them.

Professor James Cheshire, Director of the UCL Social Data Institute

London’s Biggest Survey of Night Workers
London’s Biggest Survey of Night Workers
London’s Biggest Survey of Night Workers