Notice of Ballot

Marble Arch London BID has published its Notice of Ballot today, 21 January 2021. The Notice marks the formal commencement of the BID’s renewal and alteration process.

The Notice is posted to all eligible ratepayers/voters in the proposed BID area, which can be seen here, and also sent to the Secretary of State for Housing, communities and Local Government.

Issued under the Local Government Act 2003, Business Improvement District (England) Regulations 2004, the Notice sets out how the ballot will be conducted, who can vote, how to appoint a proxy and how to apply for a replacement ballot paper if the original does not arrive or you cannot access your business premises.

The ballot itself commences on Thursday 4 February 2021, with ballot papers being posted to all eligible ratepayers/voters. The ballot closes at 5pm on Thursday 4 March, with the result due to be announced on Friday 5 March.

The ballot result will declare:

  • The total number of votes cast, the total aggregate rateable value of valid votes cast;
  • The total number of valid votes in favour the BID;
  • The total aggregate rateable value of valid votes in favour of the BID; and
  • The total number of ballot papers rejected (if applicable).

For the BID to be renewed there must be:

  • A majority in favour of the BID in the number of those voting; and
  • A majority in favour of the BID in the proportion of rateable value of those voting.

The result will be published on the BID’s website on Friday 5 March. The full BID alteration and renewal proposal can be read here.

Please do get in touch If you have any questions about the ballot or need help applying for replacement ballot papers.