Marble Arch – Proposal for the Public Realm

Marble Arch is an important gateway between Oxford Street, Hyde Park and Edgware Road with 2.2 million people visiting Marble Arch each year.

The Portman Estate in collaboration with Marble Arch London BID and lead consultants Publica and Norman Rourke Pryme presents here a proposal for Marble Arch that is a tested set of deliverable interventions and which will create a fitting setting for our world city in both ambition and quality. You can read the proposal here.

Marble Arch London

The proposed scheme respects the role of the inner ring road and tackles safety, the environment and the re-balancing of public space towards pedestrians and cyclists. The design reconnects Oxford Street to the Royal Park and to Edgware Road creating further opportunities for Speakers’ Corner, a major step change in the quality of civic amenity, environmental and public health enhancements.  It will also provide a much needed boost to the economies of both the western end of Oxford Street and the Edgware Road.

Marble Arch

The proposal represents an Option Study for discussion.  We hope you will join us in supporting this proposal as it moves to the next stage of review by the GLA, TfL and Westminster City Council.

The time is right to seek positive change for Marble Arch as TfL and Westminster City Council progress new transport policies for the Inner Ring Road and new ambitions for Oxford Street District.

Read the proposal here.