Martyn’s Law update

Martyn’s Law, an upcoming piece of legislation for owners and operators of venues and public spaces, will require venues to put in place measures to keep the public safe from a terrorist attack. The level of measures required is based upon the capacity, size of venue and nature of activity taking place.

The legislation is focused around two tiers:

  • Standard: Those venues with a capacity of more than 100 (though less than 800)
  • Enhanced: Those venues with a capacity of more than 800

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The measures proposed apply to all venues, including those with a capacity of less than 100 and best practice is for every premise and organisation to review the guidelines and existing counter terrorism assets and training available. ProtectUK provides good examples and assets here that can be used now to prepare.

On 2 May 2023 the proposed Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill was published as a draft, along with explanatory notes. The draft Bill has been published for pre legislative scrutiny and a final version will then be drawn up for the Government to progress, with timescales for this as yet undetermined.

Whilst waiting for the final guidance and regulations to be provided, businesses and organisations should prepare now, by understanding the expected requirements.

You can find the Draft Standard Terrorism Evaluation Guidance here, this useful document provides guidance to those completing the Standard Terrorism Evaluation, as well as additional information and examples of information that can be included within the completed plan. The Draft Standard Terrorism Evaluation can be found here.

The Standard Terrorism Evaluation Overview is set around 3 sections: Think, Plan, Activate.


The UK faces a persistent threat from terrorism and although attacks are rare, the impact of such attacks is high. Therefore it is important to take sensible and proportionate steps to prepare for such an incident. Organisations will need to consider how their premises could become targeted as part of a terrorist incident and the types of terrorist attack which may be relevant.


An evaluation must be completed to ensure that your premises is prepared for an attack and this is set around a 6-task plan:

  1. Plan to warn people on the premises that an attack is taking place.
  2. Plan to lockdown your premises
  3. Plan to evacuate your premises
  4. Plan to call the emergency services and relay the necessary information.
  5. Use available first aid and fore equipment.
  6. Consider how you can make your neighbours or local network aware of your plan and alert them of an attack.

You will find a template provided to record all relevant actions in the Draft Standard Terrorism Evaluation.


Once your evaluation is complete it must be kept up to date and reviewed, with a copy made available to each individual working at your premises.

It is also recommended that you incorporate its content into inductions for new workers, rehearse the 6-task plan and record the rehearsal, plus all training and briefings given.

We will add this new content onto our website and update as and when new legislation and guidelines issued.

Martyn’s Law update
Martyn’s Law update