The Future of Park Lane: consultation

Transport for London has launched a consultation on the future vision for Park Lane.

As an emergency response to the pandemic six lanes of traffic with a 40mph speed limit on Park Lane temporarily accommodated a two-way protected cycle way, a northbound bus lane for buses, coaches, motorcycles and taxis, and a 20mph speed limit.

TfL’s ambition is to create a Park Lane much less dominated by motor traffic, with more safe space for walking and cycling, including at Hyde Park Corner and Marble Arch. Cycling in central London will grow significantly in future; there are nearly 20 per cent more trips on bikes already in 2022 than there were in 2021. The Park Lane corridor is in the top 10% of areas with the greatest potential for more cycling.

Whilst it is possible to cycle in Hyde Park using the Broad Walk, this has been the source of collisions for several years and is not available 24/7 (opening at 5am and closing at midnight). Crowding at Speakers’ Corner frequently blocks the cycle path. People cycling for commuting must navigate around people walking for leisure, and vice-versa. During big events in Hyde Park like Winter Wonderland and BST Hyde Park parts of the Broad Walk have to close to accommodate large numbers of attendees arriving and departing the park.

Transport for London are seeking views on the future of Park Lane before making a final decision about whether to retain the temporary scheme.