Smart meters for small businesses

Could your business benefit from a smart meter?

Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters being rolled out to small businesses across Westminster. Through accurate data, they put an end to estimated bills and give you more control over your business’s energy spend.

With a smart meter, your energy readings will be sent directly to your supplier, bringing an end to estimated bills. Contact your energy supplier to find out what is on offer.

Westminster City Council have put together a step-by-step guide on how to get you business ready to enjoy the benefits of having a smart meter:

Ask your energy supplier or broker what’s on offer.

You’ll need to talk to your energy supplier about your eligibility. If you rent your business space and pay your own energy bills, then you can ask your supplier to install a smart meter, or they may contact you directly to offer one.

You may need to check with your landlord that any changes to your meter are allowed within your rental contract.

It is important to note that smart meter offerings may vary between energy suppliers, and each supplier could have different terms and conditions relating to these offerings. So, get into contact with your energy supplier for more detail.

Fix a time and day.

If you are eligible and when your energy supplier is ready to fit your smart meter, they will call or email you to arrange a time.

Let your supplier in to fit the meter.

A trained installer from your energy supplier will visit your premises and fit your smart meter.

Start taking control of your energy.

After the installation process is complete, the trained installer can show you and your staff how your smart meter works and answer any questions. You can also ask your energy supplier about access to your consumption data.

That’s it. After that, your business will be ready to enjoy the benefits of having a smart meter.

Smart energy management innovations for retail and hospitality businesses

To help small business owners understand their energy usage and potentially save on energy bills, the government has funded smart energy management innovations.

These innovations turn energy consumption data provided by smart meters into practical energy management actions.

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What is the new Energy Bill Relief Scheme announced for businesses and other non-domestic energy customers?

The Energy Bill Relief Scheme, or EBRS, was announced by the UK Government on the 21 September 2022. It is equivalent to the Energy Price Guarantee, EPG, but applies to businesses in addition to voluntary and public sector organisations such as schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

The scheme fixes wholesale gas and electricity prices for six months from 1 October 2022 until 31 March 2023. It applies to those on variable and flexible tariffs, in addition to those who had agreed fixed price tariffs after 1 April 2022.

The discount was applied automatically from 1 October 2022 on bills received in November 2022.

Further information on the EBRS is available on the UK Government website or directly from your energy supplier.

It’s important to note that the Energy Bill Relief Scheme doesn’t limit the total amount you’ll spend on energy.

You will still pay for the gas and electricity that you use but the Energy Bill Relief Scheme will limit the price that suppliers can charge for each unit of energy. The more energy you use the more you’ll spend. A smart meter is a great way to stay informed of how much your business is spending on energy.

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Smart meters for small businesses