The Poetry Takeaway pops up in Portman Marylebone

Portman Marylebone is collaborating with The Poetry Takeaway, popping-up on Thursday 11, 18 and 25 May 2023 from 1pm to 4pm on Old Quebec Street.

This unique and exciting event allows visitors to the area a chance to have a complimentary bespoke poem, handwritten and performed by a group of diverse and talented poets given there and then.

The Poetry Takeaway aims to make poetry accessible to everyone of all ages. The process starts with a chat between the ‘Poetry Chef’ and the person who is requesting the poem. The poet then swiftly converts the chat into a poem tailored to the individual for them to take home and cherish.

Together, Portman Marylebone and The Poetry Takeaway will offer visitors a unique and memorable experience. Each bespoke poem will also showcase an illustrated map of Portman Marylebone highlighting some of the area’s most iconic locations including Chiltern Street, Manchester Square and Marble Arch on the reverse side of the poem, designed and illustrated by Paper and Cities.

Whether you’re a poetry lover or keen to explore, it is the perfect way for Londoners or those travelling into London to wander outside, enjoy the warmer weather and discover all that the area has to offer.