Discover the Story of Marble Arch

We are delighted to announce the refreshed version of our printed booklet – The Story of Marble Arch – telling the little-known tale of how this triumphal arch came to be, its journey throughout London and what it symbolises. With a foreword from English Heritage, owners of Marble Arch and friends of the Partnership/BID, the updated booklet provides an even deeper insight than our original 2016 version into the story of Marble Arch.

The booklet  stays true to its original intention of unveiling the legend of this remarkable national landmark. However, the revitalised sections include anecdotes and facts on key players in the construction of Marble Arch, such as King George IV who commissioned the Arch and John Nash, the lead architect and designer.

Architectural model of Marble Arch; plaster cast; perhaps after a wood & clay original; front view;
designed by John Nash (1752 – 1835) & John Flaxman (1755 – 1826); possibly made by John Charles Felix Rossi (1762 – 1839);
English (London);

This version of the Story of Marble Arch also includes new sections to highlight the Arch’s role in contemporary society as a beacon of unity and free speech from acting as the central London meeting point for the Suffragettes to one of the key locations in the Extinction Rebellion London-based demonstrations.

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