E-bikes are coming to Santander cycle hire

Transport for London has announced that electric bicycles will be joining its fleet of Santander bikes from September 2022. A total of 500 e-bikes will be added to the Santander cycle hire scheme from 12 September, capable of being docked at any of its 800 docking stations across London.

The pricing scheme will change at the same time, with a simplified tariff for users. For pay-as-you-ride users, a new flat rate of £1.65 per 30-minute ride will apply, replacing the existing charge of £2 for 24-hour access. This £1.65 rate matches the price of a London bus fare. Rides over 30 minutes will incur additional charges as normal.

For members, a new monthly membership package is being introduced, for £20 per month, offering unlimited 60-minute rides. This can be cancelled at any time. Annual membership will increase to £120 but offer unlimited 60-minute rides, up from the current 30-minute rides.

The new hire scheme e-bikes will initially be made available to registered users, for £3.30 per 30-minute ride, or for members a £1 fare per £60 minutes.

Fancy trying out an e-bike? We have several Santander docking stations in the district, including:

  • Paddington Green
  • Below the Marylebone Flyover
  • Shouldham Street
  • Harrowby street
  • Nutford Place
  • Old Quebec Street
  • Green Street, off Park Lane
  • Hyde Park
  • Praed Street/South Wharf Road
  • Southwick Street
  • Porchester Place

You can read the full details of the e-biked hire scheme here.

E-bikes are coming to Santander cycle hire
E-bikes are coming to Santander cycle hire
E-bikes are coming to Santander cycle hire