Westminster City Council Rolls Out 20mph Speed Limit

Following consultation with residents, businesses and local groups, Westminster City Council has introduced a 20mph speed limit across the borough, as part of its efforts to make the city safer, greener and cleaner.

20mph Speed Limit

Slowing down traffic speed reduces the severity of accidents and makes it safer to walk and cycle, helping improve public space and encourage healthier, more active lifestyles.

Signage is going up across Westminster to get the message out to all drivers about the new 20mph speed limit. The process of installing signage will take some time, however drivers are encouraged to slow down in order to make the city safer for all road users. It will complement the introduction of temporary highway measures enabling road users to travel safely and follow social distancing rules.

The speed limit was introduced following consultation with residents and businesses in 2019. The consultation found that 66% of respondents were in support of the proposed scheme. The majority of residents feel it is now safer to walk and cycle in their community as a result.

The 20mph speed limits are complemented by work to improve air quality around schools, create low emissions neighbourhoods, improve energy efficiency, and enhance green space.

Transport for London Red Routes are except from the 20mph Westminster speed limit.

For more information, visit the council’s website.