The Marble Arch area is a vibrant business, leisure and cultural hub with a historic significance that makes it one of London’s most attractive places to work and visit. The BID aims to raise the profile of the district and draw people to Marble Arch, which not only benefit retailers, hotels and restaurants but also helps to improve the working environment for local employees.


Eating Out

Marble Arch London BID helps local employees, residents and visitors discover local restaurants, bars and cafes, promoting the area as a unique dining destination.

Our Eating Out Guide, “Taste of Marble Arch” has proven a popular tool for engaging with businesses and attracting visitors to the area’s dining and leisure quarter. We refresh it yearly and since its launch in 2016 we have distributed over 100,000 copies to local hotels and offices. We continually update our digital Eating Out Guide with over 100 restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars and delis.



The BID has been working with partners and agencies to showcase the area as a location for cultural, dining and outdoor events from the outset. Our events drive footfall to our businesses, raise awareness of the area’s cultural significance, generate press coverage for our members and position Marble Arch as an event space.

In May 2023, the BID installed a giant 16ft bespoke replica of the St Edward’s Crown to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III. The visual display encouraged visitors to learn more about Marble Arch’s long connection with the Royal Family as well as its wider role in some of the nation’s biggest events.

Our Members’ Events have proven popular and bring together local businesses and organisations to get to know one another, network, and better understand the BID’s projects.


Promoting our Members’ Assets

We showcase our members’ assets through a wide range of channels and generate press coverage for businesses and the Marble Arch and Edgware Road area.

Our Marble Arch London loyalty app launched in January 2023 features exclusive events, trails and deals at over 60 businesses, fostering communitybusiness connections and encouraging repeat patronage at Wagamama, Ryman, ULI, The Italian Greyhound, Duke of Kendal, The Pickled Hen, Townhouse, The Larrik and many more.

We build on our relationship with neighbouring West End organisations and work in close collaboration with key partners, such as London & Partners, the international trade, investment and promotion agency for London, to showcase the Marble Arch area to domestic and international audiences.

We also work closely with our members and estate teams to promote new openings, boutique retailing locations and offers on our website, social media channels and newsletters.


Celebrating our Heritage

The BID area is full of cultural and historical surprises. It is crowned by a treasured national monument, Marble Arch, yet its story is little known and few people venture into the streets surrounding Edgware Road to seek out the stories, characters, architecture and public art to be found there.

In July-August 2023, Marble Arch London BID teamed up with Westminster Council to launch a series of free character-led walks and talks around Marble Arch. History enthusiasts had the unique opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of Marble Arch’s past through a captivating series of free walks. Architect John Nash led 30 character-led walks in total, including a signed walk with a BSL interpreter and five community walks with local community partners, with over 330 people attending the walks.

The Marble Arch Culture Trail features over 60 art and heritage assets, indicated on a handy map, to help visitors and locals discover the rich culture the area has to offer.

Our Culture Blog highlights the rich heritage of Marble Arch and Edgware Road, telling the many stories of the people who live and work here, the businesses that have made this their home, tales of the inspiration behind public art and memorials, legends of music, cinema and theatre. Culture blog posts are among the most visited pages on our website and we are proud to hold and share such a rich library of local stories.

Published in 2016 and refreshed in 2019, our digital and printed booklet – The Story of Marble Arch – tells the little-known tale of how this triumphal arch came to be, its journey throughout London and what it symbolises.

The district’s heritage is one of our biggest assets and the BID’s activities promoting the local cultural offer are widely appreciated by our colleagues, who communicate the exciting initiatives to our guests.

Alison Morton, Marriott Hotel, Park Lane