More than 30 charities and social enterprises have their offices or deliver services within the immediate vicinity of the BID and 11,000 children and young people attend school within a 15-minute walk of the BID area. Knitting together community and business fosters consensus, helps us collaborate and ensures that the BID can act as a collective voice when required.

Marble Arch Community Programme

Our members are actively engaged in supporting the community through their participation in the Marble Arch Community Programme. We achieve this by organising one-off team challenges, providing long-term skilled volunteering opportunities for members’ employees and supporting local companies to donate to good causes. We also engage colleagues and local students through our annual Silver Sunday and Great British Spring Clean events which bring together the Marble Arch community.

There are a range of exciting volunteering options available to you with a diverse selection of community partners right on your doorstep. From practical team challenges to upskilling workshops to longer-term mentoring, there is something to suit everyone. Local community groups have seen an increase in demand for their services due to cost-of-living increases and post-Covid.

We can support your organisation to engage efficiently and meaningfully in the community. Matching the right company to the right volunteering opportunity is crucial to ensure the most beneficial and impactful engagement.

Marble Arch companies have worked hard to give back to the local community in 2023-24. In 2023, over 280 volunteers gave 1,086 hours of their time to a broad range of community projects, representing an increase in volunteer hours of over 100% when compared to 2022.

Please get in touch with our Community Team if you’d like to volunteer or support a local school or charity.


Watch our Marble Arch Community Programme Animation to see how we can help you and your team reach your CSR goals and how you can have a positive impact on the community.

At Berkeley’s West End Gate site in Westminster we are proud to be working in collaboration with the team at Marble Arch BID to help us to deliver our programme of community enhancement projects through an ongoing series of volunteer events engaging with local older people and helping to maintain schools.

Richard Caley, Berkeley Homes

Hidden Heroes

Since 2018 we have been celebrating the amazing people whose jobs we often take for granted, the people who keep our area moving behind the scenes. Our Hidden Heroes series features over 50 members of the community who have shared their stories. Heroes from schools, hotels, Westminster Council, offices, churches, shops, construction companies, charities, local volunteers and resident associations, British Transport Police and London Underground feature, with even the local vet telling their story.

Hidden Heroes is a way of connecting business and community, recognising the critical role every member in the district plays and building a greater understanding between sectors and communities.


Collective Voice

Marble Arch London BID advocates for the entire district, representing our members on key issues affecting the area and their operations.

We speak up for local businesses to ensure local needs are considered by Westminster City Council, Transport for London, the Metropolitan Police, the Mayor of London, and on occasions national government. We also partner with our neighbouring BIDs to lobby jointly and amplify our impact, through a single Westminster BIDs public affairs contract.

At a more local level we are an active member of our two Neighbourhood Forums (Hyde Park Paddington and Marylebone) on either side of Edgware Road and continue to work closely with local resident societies to ensure our business needs are considered equally alongside those of residents.

We continue to lobby on behalf of the area to maintain Edgware Road and Marble Arch as a priority with public authorities to ensure it gets the appropriate focus, approach and resources it deserves and to improve the area as a thriving business location.