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16 September 2021

Saturday 18 September 1pm – World Wide Freedom Rally

The rally is expected to form at Victoria Square and could march to locations including Regents Park, Camden Town, Warren Street, Tottenham Court Road, St James Park and Parliament Square.

At this stage the march is not expected to pass through Marble Arch, however there could be some associated disruption. The police are aware of the event and have an appropriate plan in place.

Sunday 19 September 12pm – Show Up For Afghans

A protest in support for the Afghan People has been advertised for Sunday 19 September. The protest will begin at Marble Arch from 12 noon. We currently do not know how long the protesters will be there.

Wednesday 8 September – Veterans 4 Freedom March

The march will start in Hyde Park at 11am with the intention to arrive in Parliament Square for 12pm until 4pm. The police are aware of this event.

Saturday 28 August – Afghan Refugee March 

A protest in support of Afghan refugees is planned to take place in London as part of a global day of action. This protest will gather at Marble Arch and likely march through the city.

A similar protest on 21 August saw attendance of 500-600 people. Due to the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, attendance is likely to be similar.

Saturday 21 August – Saturday 4 September; Extinction Rebellion Protest

Extinction Rebellion’s planned period of action is scheduled from 23 August for two weeks but The Metropolitan Police expect activity to begin from 21 August. The Police are monitoring intelligence about their potential activities and there is an appropriate policing plan in place across London.

There is currently no specific intelligence that the Marble Arch area will be targeted by Extinction Rebellion, however we are expecting activity due to the location and profile of the area. Marble Arch BID will continue to engage with Police to monitor the situation and share further information with businesses where necessary.

Please inform the Police via 999 in an emergency, or 101 in a non-emergency if your business is affected by Extinction Rebellion protests or other activities. Ensure that evidence is captured and recorded as the Police may want to take a statement to support further action.

The Marble Arch Street Team is on duty Monday – Saturday from 8am-10pm and can be reached on 07825 750777. Remember, in an emergency or if a crime is in progress, please dial 999.

Saturday 21 August 1.30pm; Pride Event

A Pride event is being advertised by the LGBTQ+ community in Hyde Park on 21 August, we do not expect there to be any negative impact on the BID area, but it may cause a higher than average footfall.

Thursday 19 August 8am-6pm; Religious Procession

The Hussaini Association has organised an Ashura march on Thursday 19 August.

The march will go from Great Cumberland Place > Marble Arch > Oxford Street > Regent Street > Oxford Circus > Coventry Street > Trafalgar Square.

The Metropolitan Police have estimated attendance to be around 3,000-5,000 and it is being policed.

Saturday 14 August 2.30pm; London Naked Bike Ride 

We have been informed that the ‘London Naked Bike Ride’ will assemble in Hyde Park, North Carriage Drive, on Saturday 14 August at 2:30pm and depart at 2:45pm.

Saturday 24 July 1pm; ‘Reclaim Pride’ march

A ‘Reclaim Pride’ march has been organised in an effort to “stop Boris stalling on LGBT+ rights”.

The march will reportedly assemble at Nelson Mandela Statue from 1pm and go from Parliament Square > Cockspur Street > Lower Regent Street > Regent Street > Oxford Street and then enter Hyde Park on Speakers Corner.

The march will reportedly finish in Hyde Park where a picnic will then commence.

The Metropolitan Police are aware of the demonstration but are currently not policing it. Attendance is estimated to be around 2,000 individuals at the time of reporting.

Thursday 22 July 1pm; Hyde Park 

We have been informed that a large event may be planned in Hyde Park on Thursday 22 July around 1pm. Attendance is currently unknown. The Police are aware of the event and have an appropriate plan in place.

Sunday 27 June from 12-7pm; Hyde Park – Parliament Square

  • A mobile protest calling for greater support for the entertainment sector during Covid-19 has been organised by Save Our Scene UK.
  • Attendees intend on meeting at Hyde Park from 12pm before moving towards Parliament Square.
  • The Metropolitan Police have estimated attendance to be around 1,000 and it is currently not being policed at the time of reporting.

Sunday 6 June from 11am-2pm; Hyde Park – Trafalgar Square

  • An annual commemoration march has been planned to take place in relation to the Amritsar massacre.
  • Attendees intend on meeting at Hyde Park from 11am before moving towards Trafalgar Square.
  • The Metropolitan Police have estimated attendance to be around 1,500 and it is currently not being policed at the time of reporting.

Saturday 29 May, Central London

  • Kill the Bill protest: Starting in Russell square at 12pm and moving through central London. A large number of people are expected to attend.
  • Anti-Lockdown music event: Between 3.30-6.30pm by Jam for Freedom. The location of this event is not yet known and will be released to the public 30 minutes prior to the event. A large number of people are expected to attend.
  • Anti-lockdown demonstrations: Location and time TBC.
  • Israel and Palestinian conflict protest: Currently there is no information about any further Israel-Palestine related protests, however the Police will continue to monitor any potential action.

In addition to these protests, the Champions League Final, good weather and general bank holiday celebrations may bring further crowds and disruption to the area.

Thursday 20 May 9am-4pm, Westminster Magistrates Court

Five high-profile anti-lockdown protesters are all due to attend nearby Westminster Magistrate’s Court on Thursday 20 May from 9am-4pm. Minimal disruption to the area is expected.

Saturday 15 May 12pm,  March in solidarity with Palestine

  • Participants are to assemble at Marble Arch and make their way towards the Israeli Embassy.
  • The march has been planned in solidarity with Palestine and Sheikh Jarrah and aims to demand that the UK government take action against the conflict between Palestine and Israel.
  • The attendance for this event could be approximately 5,000 people and the Police have stated that this could be even higher given the escalating situation between Israel and Palestine. The police will be in attendance for this event.
  • The route has been reported as being Park Lane then along Knightsbridge/ Kensington Road.

Wednesday 5 May 6.30-8.30pm,  Protest March by Burning Pink

The protest march will start at Euston Square Gardens at 6.30pm and end on Westway (A40) at 8.30pm, near Edgware Road tube station (Circle, District and Hammersmith & City lines).

Footage released by an organiser has stated the protest march will move down Euston Road and occupy the Westway (A40).The group intends to occupy the Westway and hold a people’s assembly at that location. It is likely there will be considerable traffic disruption along this road which could affect other areas of London as well.

24-25 April and 1-2 May, Upcoming Protests

We would like to make our members aware that a number of protests are planned on 24-25 April and 1-2 May around the West End and Marble Arch area, including anti-lockdown protests and #KillTheBill.

We have not received any information that specific businesses in the BID area will be affected and there are proportionate policing plans in place.

Friday 11 December 2020 8am, Westminster Magistrates Court

A protest is planned in support of Julian Assange during a bail hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court on Marylebone Road. Numbers are unknown.

Wednesday 2 December 2020 6.30pm, Cycle-based protest

  • SaveOurScene UK are planning a cycle-based protest, calling for more support for the entertainment and art sectors during the COVID Pandemic.
  • It is estimated that there will be up to 600 people in attendance.
  • They plan to meet and form-up on North Carriage Drive at 6.30pm but participants may end up meeting at Marble Arch.
  • There will then be cycling as a group with a number of sound systems mounted on rickshaws.
  • The planned route is North Carriage Drive/Marble Arch > Oxford St > Regent St > Piccadilly Circus > Haymarket > Trafalgar Square > Whitehall > Parliament Square.
  • Disruption to traffic including local bus services should be expected.

Saturday 21 November 2020 2pm,  Anti-Lockdown Protest March

  • Mustering at Hyde Park, marching to Downing Street.
  • The protest is organised by the anti-lockdown activist groups ‘Save Our Rights UK’ and ‘StandUpX’. Protesters oppose COVID-19 restrictions and argue lockdown measures infringe upon human rights.
  • Recent protests in London by these groups have attracted crowds in the low thousands. There is no social media evidence to suggest a large attendance like this, however, it cannot be ruled out.
  • The police are aware of the protest and will take the relevant actions.

Thursday 29 October 9am, Julian Assange Defence Committee (JADC)

  • The protest will start at 9am at Westminster Magistrates Court
  • It is estimated that there will be 30 people in attendance.
  • This protest is in support of Julian Assange during court appearance (video link)

Saturday 31 October 2-5pm, Algerian Protest
This is a small static protest at Marble Arch regarding the current situation in Algeria.

Saturday 24 October 12pm, Algerian Protest
An Algerian protest is planned at Marble Arch at 12pm.

Saturday 24 October from 12pm, Justice UK March

  • The march will start at 12pm at Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park.
  • The following route is anticipated: Hyde Park > Wellington Arch > Green Park > Horse Guards Road > Downing Street.
  • It is estimated that there will be 100-150 people in attendance.
  • A barrier plan will be in place outside of Downing Street.

Saturday 24 October from 12pm, Save our Rights

  • Another march is expected to start at 12pm at Hyde Park.
  • There are currently about 4,000 people interested in attending.
  • This march may go along Oxford Street, Regent Street towards Covent Garden or via Charing Cross Road. Route to be confirmed.

Suspicious activity in central London

We have received reports of suspicious activity at a number of central London addresses. On separate occasions, an individual has attempted to gain access to private premises claiming to represent the Health and Safety Executive, wearing a high-vis uniform and carrying the attached letter claiming authority to carry out a ‘COVID-19 spot check’ under the auspices of a COVID-19 Health & Safety survey. The HSE have confirmed that this letter is not legitimate. 

Please be vigilant for incidents of a similar nature and deny access/escalate any such attempts to the police.

This is the current HSE advice regarding COVID-19 spot checks:

  • COVID-19 spot checks are typically carried out by telephone to confirm that a COVID-19 prevention measures are in place.
  • These checks are currently outsourced and they would not expect someone to physically attend site from an outsourced company on behalf of the HSE.
  • The outsourced company will typically make three attempts of contact via telephone before it is passed back to the HSE.
  • If a spot check does happen, the visit would be from an official HSE inspector and therefore they should have the relevant HSE identification.
  • If anyone does attend on-site and there are any doubts, DO NOT GIVE ACCESS
  • The HSE can be contacted on 0300 790 6787. Lines are open from 08.30am to 5pm.

Friday 23 October 9:30am, Westminster Magistrates Court

  • Protest organised by supporters of Piers Corbyn during his Westminster Court case.
  • Attendance is currently unknown however the Metropolitan Police are aware of the planned protest. It is possible that attendance will be in the hundreds due to the recent support Piers Corbyn has had during anti-lockdown demonstrations across London.
  • Minimal disruption to the area is expected.
  • Supporters will likely not be adhering to social-distancing measures.

Saturday 17 October from 1pm, Stand Up to X – March for Freedom

  • The group is expected to assemble at Speakers Corner at 1pm and march to Downing Street via Oxford Street.
  • 400-500 people are expected to attend but numbers are difficult to predict.
  • There will be an proportionate policing plan in place.
  • The event will include speeches from prominent members of the anti-lockdown and anti-5G movements, including Piers Corbyn.
  • They have expressed the intention to hand out leaflets to small businesses regarding the government failures to support them.

Sunday 11 October from 12pm, Annual Religious Event from The Hussani Association (2nd day):
This will be a static event at Marble Arch. 200 people are anticipated to attend. A policing plan is in place.

Saturday 10 October 1pm, Stop the New Normal and Match the Million March

  • Estimated 5,000 people attending.
  • Assembling at Speakers Corner Hyde Park marching to Downing Street.
  • The exact route has not been provided by the organisers as yet.
  • They have given starting time of 1pm for the march.
  • A policing plan is in place.

Saturday 10 October 1pm-5pm, StandUpX Protest:
The protest will begin at Hyde Park through to BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place. The exact route is not yet known and numbers are not confirmed. A policing plan is in place.

Saturday 10 October 9am-4pm, Annual Religious Procession from The Hussani Association (1st day): .

  • Set up from 9am at Marble Arch.
  • Will leave Marble Arch at 2pm and walk north up Edgware Road to Paddington Green.
  • Edgware Road will be closed for 2 hours to northbound through traffic.
  • Expected to finish at 4pm.
  • 1,000 people are anticipated to attend.
  • A policing plan is in place.


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