Security Notifications

There may be occasions when we are not notified in advance of protests, protests are approved at short notice or information isn’t available to us until events have started. For last minute updates, please ensure that you are following @MetPoliceEvents on Twitter for updates about protest activity.

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Security & Operations Updates

Last updated 6 June 2023

Bus strikes, 20-21 June and 27-28 June

Arriva bus drivers will walk out on Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 June, as well as Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 June. The strikes will predominantly affect routes in North and East London. The bus garages the drivers operate from are Ash Grove, Barking, Clapton, Edmonton, Enfield, Palmers Green, Tottenham and Wood Green.

Road closure, Tuesday 20 June

On the night of Tuesday 20 June Coronation flags are being removed from Oxford Street between the hours of 10pm to 5am. This will involve Oxford Street, from Orchard Street to Marble Arch, being closed between these times. Should any business require access for deliveries during these hours, please contact the contractor (Field and Lawn) direct on 0117 9801120.

King's Birthday Parade, Central London, Saturday 17 June 2023

On Saturday 17 June the King’s Birthday Parade will take place in Central London. Road closures will be implemented at 6am and there will be managed access for legitimate reasons until 9am. At 9am the red area will be a total exclusion to vehicular traffic. See the map below. Once the event has concluded and the crowds dispersed, roads will be opened when safe to do so.

Stage for Freedom March, Marble Arch, Sunday 11 June, Midday

A march from Marble Arch to the Iranian embassy in Kensington, planned to depart Marble Arch at 1pm. This is listed as ‘a call to support the uprising of the Iranian people urging the UK government to stop negotiating with the Islamic Republic’. Police estimate numbers attending to be approx. 200 and currently this event will not be policed.

World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), Hyde Park Corner, Saturday 10 June, 2pm

This is part of Bike Week and an annual event to promote cycling. There are a number of start locations across London, with the nearest at Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner. All routes from the nine starting locations will merge at Westminster Bridge for the finale from approx. 5pm. Attendance estimated by organisers at around 1,000 and event will not be policed.

Just Stop Oil (JSO), central London

JSO continue their demonstrations across London as part of a national campaign which started from Monday 24 April, taking place for 12 weeks. Actions to date have focused on slow marches on roads causing transport disruption. Police will continue to update as and when further actions known or take place.

Let Women Speak, Reformers’ Tree Hyde Park, most Sundays from 1pm to 3pm

This is now a regular event most Sundays In Hyde Park. Frequently a number of speakers take part and this event can attract both pro trans and opposing groups, as with the above Anti Transphobe protest, Police will be in attendance.

Fraud Alert - WhatsApp

Action Fraud has received over 60 reports relating to a scam that steals access to a victim’s WhatsApp account.The scam begins when a criminal gets access to another WhatsApp account which has you listed as a contact.
The criminal, posing as your friend or someone that’s a member of a WhatsApp group you’re in, will then send you seemingly normal messages to try and start a conversation with you.
However, around the same time you will receive a text message from WhatsApp with a six-digit code. This is because the criminal has been trying to login to WhatsApp using your mobile number. The criminal will claim that they sent you their code by accident and ask you to help them by sending it to them.
Once the criminal has this code, they can login to your WhatsApp account and lock you out. The criminal will then use the same tactic with your WhatsApp contacts in an effort to steal more accounts and use them to perpetrate fraud.

What you need to do:

  • Set up two-step verification to give an extra layer of protection to your account. Tap Settings > Account >Two-step verification > Enable.
  • STOP. THINK. CALL. If a family member or friend makes an unusual request on WhatsApp, always call the person to confirm their identity.
  • Never share your account’s activation code (that’s the 6 digit code you receive via SMS)
  • You can report spam messages or block a sender within WhatsApp. Press and hold on the message bubble, select ‘Report’ and then follow the instructions.

For more information about how to protect yourself online, visit and

Phone Snatches 

We are seeing continuing cycle and e-bike enabled phones snatches outside various locations in the BID area. We previously, in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police, organised and ran a briefing for our members on this type of crime, which included the tactics being used by offenders, and how to keep yourself, colleagues, and customers safe. Please visit this link to view our guidance.

Advice for all events/protestor activity

Your people

  • Leading up to the event, ensure all employees are fully briefed.
  • Your premises should have a strong, visible management presence who should identify themselves to the police in the event of any trespassing or damage.
  • Security officers, where possible, should be highly visible.
  • All staff should remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to security and/or the police.
  • Ensure all members of staff are fully aware of any emergency and evacuation procedures

Your premises

  • Minimise the number of entry points to your premises.
  • Ensure the outside areas are clear of debris, dustbins, ladders, tools, or equipment.
  • Check that your emergency equipment, grab bags, first aid supplies, and walkie-talkies are in place, easy to get to, and working properly. It is advisable to test them beforehand.
  • Check and test building security and emergency systems.
  • Ensure CCTV coverage is fully operational and can provide the highest recording resolution possible.
  • If your building has scaffolding erected or is in close proximity to scaffolding, let your security staff know.
  • Report any suspicious activity to police by dialling 999 in an emergency or call 101 if not an emergency.

Please remind staff to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity by dialling 999 (emergency) or 101 (non-emergency).

Past security updates

Security & Operations Updates

London National Animal Rights Day, Marble Arch, Sunday 4 June 11am

This is the 13th National Animal Rights Day and is shown as taking place at Marble Arch, with previous years protests based on the island by the Arch. It is advertised as involving a ceremony, speakers and a celebration with numbers attending believed to be approx. 50.

Road closure, Old Marylebone Road, Friday 2 - Monday 5 June

Old Marylebone Road, at the junction with Marylebone Road, will be closed for a tower crane operation from 10pm on 2 June 2023 until 5am 5 June 2023. Delays are expected to surrounding areas.

Ride London, Sunday 28 May, 6am to 6.30pm

This Sunday, Ride London will be taking place. It should not directly impact upon the BID area but it will affect roads in Westminster. Please click here to see details of road closures and for information on transport disruption.  

LetWomenSpeak, Reformers Tree, Hyde Park, Sunday 28 May, 1pm

This event is listed as an official event hosted by Posie Parker. Similar recent events have attracted large numbers of supporters and counter protestors, with a realistic possibility of tensions escalating between the two groups. Police will be in attendance.

Stage of Freedom Demo, Marble Arch, Sunday 14 May, 1pm to 5pm

This event is believed as being held in support of British – Iranian Vahid Beheshti, who is currently on a hunger strike, in an attempt to persuade the UK Government to proscribe the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Organisers have provided no details to police. Estimated attendance is approximately 500 and this event will be policed.

Recent Pakistan related protests

Following the recent arrest of Imran Khan in Pakistan, this week has seen a number of protests take place outside three addresses within the BID area. This has resulted in police attendance and police issuing a temporary Section 35 Dispersal order covering Dunraven Street which expires at 10:39pm on Thursday 11 May 2023. Police are aware and should attend if any further protests take place. Should spontaneous protest action occur, please notify the police on 999.

Coronation, 6 May 2023

The latest letter from government to Westminster residents and businesses was issued last week, showing an updated summary and overview. Click here to view.

Final plans including road closures, which may affect Park Lane, are available here and as with all major central London events, the plans can frequently change, often at short notice. Please monitor our website for the latest information, including public viewing areas.

Public transport hubs will be far busier than usual with some station closures, restrictions and diversions. Click here for all TfL travel updates and planning a journey.

This week Counter Terrorism Policing, via Protect UK, have released a Vigilance Communications Toolkit for businesses specifically for the Coronation. Please click here to view.

In addition, they have issued an overview and guidance document which can be accessed here.

Anti Transphobe Protest, Hyde Park, Sunday 30 April, 11.45am onwards

Transactionbloc has organised a protest against Posie Parker, who will visit Hyde Park on 30 April. The group will gather at the Joy of Life Fountain, Hyde Park at 11.45am and then march to Reformer’s Tree at 1pm. Attendance is estimated to range between high tens to low hundreds based on the social media engagements. Counter protest is likely and clashes between protestors possible given that recently Posie Parker was attacked by a trans activist at an event in New Zealand. Police will be in attendance.

Stage of Freedom Demo, Marble Arch, Saturday 29 April, 11am to 5pm

This event is being held in support of British – Iranian Vahid Beheshti who is currently on a hunger strike in an attempt to persuade the UK Government to proscribe the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. March listed as from Marble Arch to Downing Street, though exact route not specified. Expected attendance 1,000 and will be policed.

Just Stop Oil (JSO), central London, Monday 24 April onwards

JSO started to demonstrate in central London from Monday 24 April as part of a national campaign taking place for 12 weeks. Actions to date have focused on slow marches on roads causing transport disruption. Police will update as and when further actions known or take place.

Coronation 2023

This letter, dated 21 April 2023, contains essential information about how plans for the Coronation might affect local businesses and residents.

Maps and timings will be issued periodically between now and the beginning of May.

As with all major central London events, the plans frequently change, often at short notice. Please monitor our coronation page for the latest information. We will also issue any updates in our weekly security alerts.

On 6 May 2023, businesses and residents are strongly advised to travel with a proof of address, a staff pass or an official invite to their property, to ensure access is facilitated at all times.

You can find up-to-date travel advice on the Transport for London website.

Anzac Day Dawn Service, Hyde Park Corner, Tuesday 25 April 5am to 6am

A dawn service will be taking place at Hyde Park Corner ahead of the main ceremony later at the Cenotaph. This event will be policed.

Extinction Rebellion (XR), ‘the Big One’ Campaign, Friday 21 April – Monday 24 April

XR are planning a number of activities listed as centred around Parliament Square and government buildings, though as always these can be ‘fluid’ and change at short notice.
XR have stated that if the UK government does not meet their demands by 5pm on Mon 24 April they ‘will step up actions and campaigns’. No further details have been released.

Just Stop Oil (JSO), central London, Monday 24 April onwards

JSO have announced their intention to demonstrate in central London from Monday 24 April with this being part of a national campaign taking place for 12 weeks. No specific locations or targets have been released, though previous and usual tactics include slow marches causing transport disruption. Police will update as and when further details known.

London Marathon, Sunday 23 April, 4am to 8.30pm

The annual London Marathon is taking place this Sunday. Please click here for map showing road closures and expected transport disruption.

Let Women Speak, Reformers’ Tree Hyde Park, Sunday 23 April, 3pm to 5 pm

This is now generally a regular event each Sunday in Hyde Park, though last Sunday it was held in Belfast. Frequently a number of speakers take part and this event can attract both pro-trans and opposing groups. Police will be in attendance.

UK Emergency Alert Test, Sunday 23 April 3pm

On Sunday 23 April at 3pm, the UK government will conduct a test of the new Emergency Alert service and it is expected to last for approx. 10 seconds. The alert will go out to all 4G and 5G enabled phones and will still sound even if the phone is switched to silent.

Please click here for more details on the new UK Emergency Alert system, which includes a video showing what it will look and sound like and guidance on what to do if driving when you receive an alert.

There is further guidance available here from domestic abuse charity Refuge for any vulnerable people who have concealed secret or secondary phones.

For businesses, it may be advisable to brief teams so they can provide any reassurance needed to non UK visitors or tourists who may receive the alert and be unaware of this test taking place.

Stage of Freedom Demo, Marble Arch, Sunday 23 April, midday to 5pm

This event is being held in support of British – Iranian Vahid Beheshti who is currently on a hunger strike in an attempt to persuade the UK Government to proscribe the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Expected attendance 1,000 and currently not policed.

Armenian Community Council March, Marble Arch, Saturday 22 April, 12.30 to 3pm

No further details for this event have been supplied to police, though it is possible this may be for the 108th anniversary of the ‘Armenian Genocide’. Route is shown as from Marble Arch to Whitehall with estimated attendees listed as approx.300.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) Biodiversity March, Saturday 22 April, 10am to 5pm

As part of the above XR campaign, on Saturday XR are holding a march from Great Smith Street SW1 to Parliament Square and, as part of this, there are a number of ‘feeder’ rides from other parts of London joining them.
These ‘feeder’ rides are shown as travelling via Marble Arch to Parliament Square and include –

  • XR Riders (starting 10am from Swiss Cottage)
  • Hammersmith and Fulham Cycling (starting 10am from Brook Green, W6)
  • Cycle Islington (starting 10am from Islington, N5)
  • Camden Cycling Campaign (starting 8am from Swiss Cottage)
  • Redbridge Cycling Campaign (starting 10am from Wanstead, E12)

All rides above have apparently stated they will be travelling to Marble Arch accompanied by marshals, with the aim of all attendees joining up at Marble Arch c.11.15am and then riding together to Parliament Square, Route potentially shown as via the Mall, though unconfirmed.
At the end of the event (c.3pm) in Parliament Square, some rider groups have mentioned returning to Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park.
It is likely that the above may cause traffic, public transport and pedestrian disruption, though police will be in attendance.

4/20 2023, Hyde Park, Thursday 20 April, approx. 10am to c.10pm

“420” is an international day for cannabis related protests and events which is held annually on the 20 April. The event is well established as a part of a counter culture movement where supporters gather en masse to celebrate and consume cannabis. Whilst the day is seen as an opportunity to celebrate cannabis, there is also a political element with various protest groups advocating for the legalisation of the substance.
Previous 420 events held in Hyde Park have resulted in some incidents of disorder and crime. The local retail sector including Marble Arch and Oxford Street may experience some disruption as crowds disperse from Hyde Park, but there is an extended policing plan in place to ensure a proportionate response.

4/20 2023, Hyde Park, Thursday 20 April, midday to 6pm (or later)

This is mentioned in listings as unofficial International Weed Day and to push for legislation. It is an annual event in Hyde Park and in recent years has resulted in some disorder and arrests. Police will be in attendance.

Students Against Tyranny, Marble Arch, Saturday 15 April, midday onwards

This event is being called the London Outreach March, however no route has been issued and six speakers are listed as appearing at this event. Themes listed include educating our communities against the social credit system, cashless society, digital ID and 15-minute neighbourhoods. Expected attendance is unknown but it has the potential to cause some disruption, dependent upon numbers attending and if a march later takes place.

#LetWomenSpeak, Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, Sunday 9 April, 1pm

This event is listed as an official event hosted by Posie Parker. Similar recent events have attracted large numbers of supporters and counter protestors, with a realistic possibility of tensions escalating between the two groups. Police will be in attendance.

Buganda UK Demo and March, Friday 7 April, 9.30am to 1pm

Buganda UK have organised a demonstration and march with the route starting at Hyde Park Corner then going via Park Lane, Bayswater Road, Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensington Mall and returning back the same route via Park Lane to Hyde Park Corner. Police estimate approx. 100 people attending with potential travel disruption.

Ride of Respect (The Long Walk), Friday 7 April, 9am onwards

Rolling Thunder (a motor bike group with a large armed forces veteran membership) are planning to pay their respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II this Friday. The event is planned to start in Windsor with a wreath laying ceremony at 9am and then make their way into central London to Parliament Square, via Buckingham Palace and The Mall. Arrival time at The Mall is estimated to be 1.45pm with speeches at Parliament Square due from 2.30pm. The exact route through central London is currently unknown and is estimated that up to 300 motorbikes will be involved. Noise and travel disruption is likely.

Extinction Rebellion Banner Drops, Nationwide, Saturday 1 to Saturday 8 April 

There are unconfirmed reports XR may conduct banner drops between these dates. Previous locations targeted have ranged from motorway bridges to monuments, though there is no current intelligence to suggest likely locations. If following the same pattern as before, it will likely be up to six people holding the banner with the possibility of a march taking place following the banner drop. These banner drops may likely cause travel disruption.

Hug-A-Thon, Speakers Corner Hyde Park, Saturday 1 April 11am

This event is to celebrate Universal Hug Day. Numbers attending are unknown.

London Half Marathon, Central London, Sunday 2 April 7am to 4pm

This marathon does not directly impact our area, however there are a number of road closures which may impact travel and transport. To see a copy of the road closure map and list of closed roads and timings click here.
Please note that these are the planned times but they may be subject to change.

XR The 100 Days Campaign, Nationwide, 11 January - 21 April

Extinction Rebellion (XR) have announced a 100 days campaign in the lead up the their Spring Rebellion – ‘The Big One’ commencing on 21 April. The campaign will start on 11 January with XR stating it relies on ‘mass direct action’ to accelerate the changes they say are needed. This will culminate on 21 April where their stated aim is to bring 100,000 people together. No locations or further details are known at present.

Sunday 26 March 11am, Joy of Life Fountain, Hyde Park, W1K 7AN

A demonstration in opposition to an alleged transphobic protest has been organised at the Joy of Life Fountain in Hyde Park W1K 7AN, before moving to Speaker’s Corner at 12pm. The group suggests bringing masks, friends and signs. Attendance is likely to be in the high-tens, based on previous events and counter-demonstrations, with a realistic possibility of tensions escalating between the two groups.

Syria Solidarity March, meeting up at Paddington Green, Saturday 18 March 12.30pm to 5pm

This is a march across central London to mark the 12th anniversary of the Syrian revolution. The meeting point is at 12.30pm by Paddington Green, with the march planned to set off from 1.30pm heading towards 10 Downing Street. Proposed route is Edgware Road, Oxford Street, Regent Street, Pall Mall and then arriving at 10 Downing Street around 3.30pm where a rally is expected. It is not currently planned to have police in attendance, with numbers attending not known at this stage.

National Education Union Save Our Schools Carnival, meeting up Hyde Park near Speakers Corner, Wednesday 15 March 11am to 4pm

This is taking place the same day as the main NEU National Strike and London demonstration, which consists of a march from Portland Place by the BBC, forming up at 11am and marching to Whitehall for 1pm.
This Carnival event consists of NEU members meeting up near Speakers Corner, Hyde Park at 11am then marching at midday from Park Lane South to Trafalgar Square. Numbers attending currently not known, though a number of NEU members and families are travelling down from around the country to attend.

Women’s Freedom Ride, Marble Arch, Sunday 5 March 11.30am to 1.30pm

The purpose of the Women’s Freedom Ride is to call on London’s Mayor and local boroughs to remove barriers to women cycling in London.
This will be a led and marshalled bike ride rather than a procession. The route will go from Marble Arch to Hyde Park (Broadwalk), Hyde Park Corner, Constitution Hill, Birdcage Walk, Great George Street, Bridge Street, Westminster Bridge, Belvedere Road, Waterloo Bridge, Lancaster Place, The Strand, The Mall, Constitution Hill, Hyde Park Corner, Broadwalk in Hyde Park, finishing back at Marble Arch.
Attendance is currently estimated as between high hundreds to low thousands. This event will not be policed and the route may change at short notice.

Counter KJK/Posie Parker Protest, 26 February 11am onwards

A counter-protest to prominent women’s rights campaigner Posie Parker will be taking place at 11am from the Joy of Life Fountain, Hyde Park, moving to Reformers Tree, Hyde Park at midday. The protest will include members from the London Anti-Fascist Assembly, with a number of speakers taking part. It could potentially attract both pro-trans and opposing pro-Posie Parker groups. Attendance is estimated to be in the low hundreds.

Stop The War Demonstration and March, 25 February 12-4pm

This demonstration is starting at midday from the BBC Portland Place with the CND leaflet advertising mentioning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, NATO and nuclear war. The expected turnout and route have not been disclosed. Police will be in attendance.

The anniversary of the start of the Ukraine war was 24 February, which could potentially increase numbers.

Russian Democratic Society, 25 February 1pm onwards

There is a solidarity march in support of Ukraine ‘A Year of War, A Year of Pain’, meeting at Marble Arch. The group will head off around 1pm and proceed to the Russian Embassy in Kensington Palace Gardens. The expected turnout and route have not been disclosed, but the march will likely be down Park Lane so some traffic disruption and congestion are likely.

The anniversary of the start of the Ukraine war was 24 February, which could potentially increase numbers.

Winter Run, Sunday 5 February 2023

The Cancer Research UK London Winter Run will return to central London on Sunday 5 February. While it doesn’t impact the Marble Arch BID district, central London roads and public transport may be busier due to closures and restrictions associated with the event.


Stop The Arms Dealers Dinner protest, Park Lane, 31 January 2023 

Campaign Against the Arms Trade and Stop the Arms Fair have organised protests to take place outside the Aerospace, Defence and Security Industry annual dinner on Park Lane. These protests are opposed to the production and use of UK-made arms, with the organisers referencing the alleged use of UK made weapons in Yemen, Turkey and Palestine. Expected turnout at this protest is expected to be low, with attendees likely to have placards and banners, as they have at previous such protests with timings to be from approx. 6pm to 11pm. Police will be in attendance.

National Right to Strike Protest Day, 1 February 2023

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has called for a national day of protests against the Public Order Bill.
The day of protest has been organised by the TUC with every group and also members of the general public asked to protest and show support for the unions currently striking.
The protest has been organised against current working conditions and the Public Order Bill. This bill, which was introduced to Parliament on Monday, means unions that are representing key workers would have to agree to minimum levels of service if their members go on strike, something which the group allege is against their rights to strike.
It is probable there will be disruption to traffic and movement on local roads and routes on the day of the protest. The expected turnout and potential disruption/locations is not known at this time.

XR Film Projection, London, 13 January 2023

Extinction Rebellion (XR) has announced a film will be projected onto a “building in central London” between 6 and 7pm tomorrow. Moderate levels of disruption may occur if XR activists scale high-profile sites to show their message. Planned location currently unknown.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) 100 Days Campaign

11 January 2023 marked the start of the XR 100 Days Campaign (100 days until their next major campaign in April). As part of this, XR protestors formed a human chain on Westminster Bridge & conducted a banner drop. This campaign is expected to be mainly outreach events and other visible displays with a possibility of isolated, low-impact events occurring during this period.

Voice of Iran, Marble Arch to Trafalgar Square, Sunday 8 January, approx. 12-5pm 

There is a planned march taking place on Sunday 8 January by The Voice of Iran.
The group are due to form up on Park Lane to the south of Marble Arch at approximately midday before moving off at 12.45pm, heading to Trafalgar Square along the route provided on the attached map. The rally in Trafalgar Square will finish around 5pm. Estimated numbers attending are currently unknown and police will be in attendance.
There are no road closures planned for the route however the need for spontaneous closures may occur as the march progresses, which may result in some short-term disruption to traffic.

XR Banner Drop, London, 11 January

Extinction Rebellion (XR) have announced they will be involved in a “huge banner drop at an iconic London location”. The banner drop reportedly involves a 23m wide and 3m high banner. Previous XR banners included an “End Fossil Fuels Now” message which was hung from Tower Bridge on 8 April 2022, though no details have been released for the intended location for this latest planned banner drop on the 11 January.

Street Team Christmas Hours

The Marble Arch Street Team are working amended hours from 24 December to 31 December and can be reached on 07825 750777 / 07852 566122. Remember, in an emergency or if a crime is in progress, please dial 999.

  • Friday 23 December: 8am-midnight
  • Saturday 24 December: 8am-9pm
  • Sunday 25 December: No patrols          
  • Monday 26 December: No patrols          
  • Tuesday 27 December: 8am-10pm
  • Wednesday 28 December 8am-10pm
  • Thursday 29 December: 8am-10pm
  • Friday 30 December: 8am-midnight
  • Saturday 31 December: 8am-10pm
  • Sunday 1 January: No patrols

As always, please remind staff to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity by dialling 999 (emergency) or 101 (non-emergency). You can follow @MetPoliceEvents on Twitter for the latest updates on all events.

New Year's Day Parade 2023

London’s New Year’s Day Parade is a free public parade featuring approximately 8,000 participants and an estimated 500,000 spectators attending throughout the day.

The event will take place from 12-3.30pm on 1 January 2023 from Piccadilly > Regents Street > Pall Mall > Trafalgar Square > Whitehall.

Road Closures

Some roads will be closed prior to, during and immediately after the event. These closures will be minimised to reduce disruption. Access for emergency services and statutory works will be maintained. There are no pedestrian restrictions and access to your home or place of work will not be impeded.

There will be a large number of people coming into the area to enjoy the parade. If you are travelling on New Year’s Day, please plan your journey and leave additional time for travel. If you are travelling via public transport, please check the TfL website before setting off.

If you have any questions about the New Year’s Day Parade, please email

New Year's Eve Celebrations 2023

The Mayor’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations will be returning to the London Eye in 2022, after a three year break due to the pandemic. The event format and footprint is very similar to the last time the event was held in 2019.

The event includes an 11-minute fireworks display to celebrate the marking of midnight. It is a ticketed event with a capacity of approximately 103,000, with ticketed areas in Westminster located on Victoria Embankment, Waterloo Bridge and Westminster Bridge. The event footprint also includes Parliament Square, Whitehall, Northumberland Avenue, Whitehall Place and Whitehall Court.

Please note that viewing the fireworks will not be possible without a ticket, or a business/resident wristband.

Road Closures
Significant road closures will be in place to facilitate the increased footfall across the West End expected on New Year’s Eve. Closures will be implemented in phases, starting at 2pm. The 8pm road closures are implemented and managed by the Police. There will be protective measures located in the streets adjacent to the ticketed event area only. Horseguards Avenue will be closed to vehicles between Victoria Embankment and Whitehall Court from 7am on 27 December until 5pm on 2 January.

Pedestrian Restrictions
There will be pedestrian restrictions in place within the event area, starting from midday on Saturday 31 December, as well as road closures across the West End. Pedestrian access will be restricted within the grey area on the below map. Information on the road closure footprint and timings is also included on the map.

Residents and Business Information

If your home, business, or place of work is within the event area, you will be facilitated access. Please contact the Event Organisers to arrange for a wristband to provide access if you are within this area by contacting:
You can find further information specific for residents and businesses on the GLA’s event webpage.

Extensive parking suspensions will be in place across Westminster. Please check parking suspension signs on street. Not all resident bays are suspended – if you park in an available parking bay within the road closure area you will not be able to drive out until the road closures are lifted.

Further Information is provided on both the GLA’s event webpage and the Council’s website

West End Footprint
Central London is expected to be busy with visitors attending both the fireworks event and other hospitality in the West End. Due to the expected footfall, the police road closure footprint is extensive and is the same footprint as in 2019.

TfL will be offering an enhanced underground service overnight, however they are unable to offer free travel on New Year’s Eve. Information on services is available on the TfL website. Public transport is expected to also be impacted by industrial action and engineering works, so it is advisable to check your journey before you travel. From 11.30pm London Underground stations close to the Fireworks event will be busy and will close, become exit only or interchange only. Westminster station will close at 9.30pm until crowds have dispersed after the event.

FIFA World Cup, Wednesday 14 December, 7pm onwards

Tonight sees the last of the World Cup semi-final matches involving France playing Morocco with a start time of 7pm. As we have seen twice recently following previous matches, impromptu fan activity is again likely. The Metropolitan Police have today issued the following statement:
We expect central London venues to be busy this evening. Officers will be out and about to keep everyone safe and respond to any incidents. Our officers will be highly visible as they work to prevent crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour. We’ll be firm but fair in our approach and whether you are celebrating or commiserating, we’d encourage fans to do so responsibly.

Antivax Outreach March, Speakers’ Corner, Saturday 17 December, 1pm onwards

Full details not released and likely attendance unknown, though social media shows Jab Justice Rally and Outreach March, with route listed as Speakers’ Corner, Marble Arch Tube, Oxford Street and BBC (assumed to mean Portland Place).

Network Rail strikes - December 2022 and January 2023

Strikes will affect national rail services nationwide. Most TfL services will continue to run. However, there will be some disruption where track is operated by Network Rail.

Strikes are planned on:

  • Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 December 2022
  • Friday 16 and Saturday 17 December 2022
  • Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 January 2023
  • Friday 6 and Saturday 7 January 2023

On strike days there will be disruption on parts of the District and Bakerloo lines, as well as on the London Overground and Elizabeth line.

On the days after strikes, expect disruption on services affected by strikes until late morning.

From Friday 23 December 2022 to Monday 2 January 2023, there are planned works and service changes for the Christmas and New Year period.

There is also a part-closure on the Bakeloo line and London Overground from Saturday 17 to Friday 23 December 2022.

FIFA World Cup, Saturday 10 December, 3pm onwards

As the World Cup reaches the Quarter Finals, impromptu fan activity across central London as we saw on Wednesday night are likely, with the next Morocco match scheduled for 3pm Saturday 10 December and the next England match at 7pm on the same day.

Myanmar Candlelight Vigil, Thursday 8 December, 8pm onwards

Organiser describes as a ‘peaceful candlelight vigil at Marble Arch Square’. Police estimate for attendance is 50-75 and will not be policed.

Apareco Rwandan Embassy Demonstration, Friday 2 December, 10am-5pm

Demonstration organised by Apareco to ‘protest the killings of Congolese by Rwanda in the Democratic republic of East Congo’ and being held at the High Commission of Rwanda, Seymour Place. Police estimate for attendance is approximately 100 and police will be in attendance.

PTI UK Demonstration, Wednesday 30 November, midday – 7pm

Protest organised by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, a Pakistani political party. The demonstration will take place at Avenfield House, Dunraven St – numbers currently expected c.300 and police will be in attendance.

Just Stop Oil, Monday 28 November to Monday 19 December

This has not yet been officially confirmed by JSO, though the Activist Event Planning Website, Action Network.Org has released a protest sign-up page detailing a potential Just Stop Oil (JSO) action. The event page, titled ‘Roundabouts – November/December’, is sponsored by JSO. Based on previous activity, it is likely that actions will consist of blockades of multiple inner-city roundabouts, though no locations currently listed. Previous JSO actions have caused significant levels of transport disruption across central London.

Afghanistan Demonstration, Sunday 27 November, 11.30am onwards

Demonstration organised by Action for Afghanistan regarding the ongoing humanitarian crisis within the country. Attendees are reportedly meeting at Marble Arch and then marching to Richmond Terrace, SW1A – route currently unknown. Initial police estimate for attendance is approximately 1,000 and police will be in attendance.

Tiger Force London Demonstration, Sunday 20 November 2pm onwards

This protest will take place at Avenfield House, Dunraven St – low numbers currently expected and police will be in attendance.

Official Voice Anti Vaccination Protest, Saturday 19 November 1pm onwards

Official Voice have advertised an anti-vax protest event gathering at Speakers’ Corner at 1pm. Although not specified by organisers, this is likely to be a marching event. Attendees are asked to bring flyers and pamphlets, unspecified masks and to prepare for ‘something different’. Current expected turnout unknown but believed to be low numbers. It is also unspecified whether this action is part of the Worldwide Rally for Freedom also held in London at the same time or an independent action.

Worldwide Rally for Freedom, Saturday 19 November 1pm onwards

A Worldwide Rally for Freedom event has been scheduled to take place in central London, gathering at 1pm at an as-yet unannounced location. Although mainly an anti-vaccination and conspiracy theory group, this event is hoping to maximise turnout by focusing on the Cost of Living crisis. This event is likely to involve a march, although a route has not yet been released by organisers. Two potential locations are shown for this, the first being Trafalgar Square with the second being a march on Oxford Street with no starting point given. Current expected turnout unknown and police will be in attendance.

Fossil Free London Demo, Thursday 17 November 9.30am

No further details have been released.

XR No More Greenwashing Protest, Thursday 17 November 5.30pm

Meeting at St Vincents House WC2H 7HH before moving onto another unknown location(s).

XR Money Rebellion / Better Without Barclays protest, Monday 14 November

Part of a nationwide protest at various Barclays locations. Main XR Money Rebellion protest listed as within Zone 1 from 3pm and currently highlighted as meeting around the Parliament Square area.

Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall, Saturday 12 November

There will be closures in the immediate environs of Royal Albert Hall, from 7am on 12 November until 1am 13 November, please see map below. This event is organised by the Royal British Legion.

COP27 Day of Action, Saturday 12 November 10-5pm

Climate change protests are taking place across the UK with currently the only named London location as The Shell Centre, SE1 7PE with a march from this location to Trafalgar Square. Other central London locations may be targeted. This ‘day of action’ is focused on the 2022 UN Climate Change conference with the group’s aim being to encourage tackling climate injustice and achieve real systems change. Expected numbers low to mid hundreds.

Whitehall and Horse Guards Avenue, Friday 11 to Sunday 13 November

Rolling closures taking place in Whitehall between Friday 11 and Sunday 13 November.

On Sunday 13 November road closures will be in place from 3am. During this period NO vehicles will be allowed to move within the restricted zones, this includes deliveries. Pushbikes are to be walked within the restricted zones

Just Stop Oil, Saturday 5 November until mid-November

Just Stop Oil are expected to recommence protests across central London on Saturday 5 November and remain ongoing until mid-November. To date this has included sit-down protests on key roads and spray painting/criminal damage to business premises. The campaign focuses heavily on Westminster and significant disruptions to road transport networks throughout Central London are highly likely.

Whilst there is no specific intelligence to suggest any particular venue is at risk, previous tactics, as you may have seen recently in the media, have included but not limited to: Use of adhesives/glue, lock-on devices, climbing/scaling, banner drops, roadblocks, swarming/rushing, theatrical-style street protest, naked protest, mass email/telephone volumes (denial of service) graffiti/criminal damage.

XR Save the Swift March, Saturday 5 November 12-3pm

Protest march from Speakers Corner > Downing Street (expected via Park Lane) organised by Extinction Rebellion about the survival of the swift. About 200 people are expected to attend and the march will be policed.

Million Mask March, Saturday 5 November, 4pm-midnight

The main protest is due to start in Trafalgar Square at 6pm. Estimated numbers and other locations are unknown, however in previous years some elements have moved into the West End later in the evening. A policing plan is in place.

Tube and national rail strikes, 5-10 November
  • Saturday 5, Monday 7, Wednesday 9 November: Strikes on national rail will affect London Overground, some Tube and Elizabeth line services.
  • Thursday 10 November: Strikes will affect Tube, London Overground, and Elizabeth line services.
  • Friday 11 November: Disruption will continue in the morning.

What to do

On national rail strike days: Saturday 5, Monday 7 and Wednesday 9 November

  • Only travel on national rail services if absolutely necessary
  • Complete your journey on affected TfL services by 5pm
  • Plan ahead and check your travel

On Thursday 10 November (Tube strike)

  • Avoid travelling on London Underground
  • Plan ahead and check your travel

On all days

  • Allow more time for your journey
  • If you’re traveling to an event in London, check with your event organiser and plan your journeys in advance
  • Consider walking or cycling part of your journey

Sign up for TfL Travel Alerts here or check travel status here.

Overseas Pakistanis Stand with Imran Khan protest, Saturday 3 November 6pm

Protest at Avenfield House, Dunraven Street W1K 7FG, outside Nawaz Sharif’s residence.

Just Stop Oil, ongoing until mid-November

It is assessed as highly likely that Just Stop Oil will conduct sit-down road blockades on bridges that cross the River Thames. The campaign will focus heavily on Westminster and significant disruptions to road transport networks throughout Central London are highly likely. The action forms part an opening wave of Just Stop Oil protests, scheduled to take place across the UK until 10 November. Just Stop Oil have stated they are prepared for 3,000 volunteers to each be arrested twice during the campaign.

Online Briefing for BID Members, Wednesday 26 October 10-11am

We are seeing increasing numbers of cycle and e-bike enabled phones snatches in the BID area, particularly in the southern part of the district. We have organised a briefing for our members on this growing crime, in which you will hear from colleagues at Safer Business Network and the Metropolitan Police the tactics being used by offenders, and how to keep yourself, colleagues, customers and guests aware and safe. To book a place please email

National Rejoin March, Saturday 22 October 12-4.30pm

Large march by a coalition of groups calling for the UK to rejoin the EU. Protesters will meet on Park Lane, opposite the Dorchester Hotel at 12pm. 50,000 people are expected to attend. This march  is not being policed at present but the police are aware of this event.

Jeff Wyatt memorial, Saturday 22 October 1-2pm

Vigil at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park for Jeff Wyatt, an anti-vaxer who died recently. This memorial is not being policed at present but the police are aware of this event.

Extinction Rebellion Weekend of Resistance, Thursday 13 – Sunday 16 October

No further details have been released.

14 October: Action at Downing Street

Mass participation act of civil disobedience outside Downing Street/Whitehall, focused on the cost of living and climate crises. Protestors will meet at Trafalgar Square at 12pm before moving to Downing Street. They plan to stay there until 6pm.

15 October: Festival of resistance

Between 11am-5pm XR will conduct outreach and mobilisation outside the Tate Modern. From 5pm protestors will head across central London to conduct a visually disruptive ‘Paint the Streets Special’.  Primary activities will involve replacing tube carriage and bus stop adverts with XR posters. It is likely that the focus of this phase will be the underground and bus stops, although we could realistically expect some larger billboard style advertising hoardings to be targeted in prominent areas. Likely that protestors will be travelling on the underground, so potentially bus stops and hoardings in vicinity of tube stations are at particular risk.

16 October: Reclaim Our Future March

Meeting at Reformers’ Tree in Hyde Park from 10.30am before marching to Parliament Square at 12pm. Significantly, the start point of the march has moved from Marble Arch to the Reformer’s tree in Hyde Park, the destination being Parliament Square. It cannot be ruled out that they could exit Hyde Park into Marble Arch and head East along Oxford Street and then South along Regent Street.

Just Stop Oil Protests, Tuesday 11 – Thursday 13 October 2022

Protesters are likely to block roads across Westminster. Previously smaller groups of protesters have conducted unplanned direct action towards various sites.

Royal Parks Half Marathon, Sunday 9 October from 7.30am

The Royal Parks Half Marathon will start and finish in Hyde Park. The event opens at 7.30am, and the half marathon begins at 9am. Road closures and localised disruption are to be expected during the event. Please see the below map for the route details.

Dawat e Islami procession, Saturday 8 October 11am – 12.30pm

Religious group procession from Victoria Embankment > Hyde Park Corner. 500 people are expected to attend and the march will be policed.

National rail strikes, Saturday 1, Wednesday 5 and Saturday 8 October

There will be some disruption to London Overground, Tube and Elizabeth line services. Disruption to services will continue into the following morning. Find out more here.

London Marathon, Sunday 2 October from 8.30am

The TCS London Marathon will be taking place on Sunday 2 October and will likely run for the majority of the day. The marathon will take place throughout central London including areas such as Westminster, City of London and Canary Wharf. Around 40,000 runners are participating.

Just Stop Oil Protest, from Saturday 1 October 11am – Monday 3 October

Climate campaign group Just Stop Oil have requested for protesters to meet from 11am at a number of meeting points including Euston, Paddington and Waterloo train Stations and other points across London before marching to Westminster. Estimated attendance numbers is currently unknown, however organisers estimate thousands are expected to participate. The march routes are currently unknown.

Protesters will disrupt Central London by staging sit-down protests and people’s assemblies on roads and bridges. The following day, Sunday 2 October, protesters will return to Westminster to collectively block various roads in Westminster.

From Monday 3 October, Just Stop Oil protesters will meet at Downing Street (Whitehall End) at 11am daily before occupying Westminster for a prolonged period of time. Protesters will split into small regional teams before blocking roads across Westminster.

Previously smaller groups of protesters have conducted unplanned direct action towards various sites such as petrol stations and the headquarters of energy companies across the UK. They are also known to disrupt national and televised events, and there may be a possibility that the Mini London Marathon on Saturday 1 October and the London Marathon on Sunday 2 October may be targeted.

London Mini Marathon, Saturday 1 October, 10am – 3pm

The mass participation event in the capital will give all children and young people from Reception to Year 12 a chance to cross the iconic TCS London Marathon Finish Line. 5,000 runners between the ages of 11 and 17 are expected to participate.

Anti-immigration march, Saturday 24 September 12-2pm

The police have informed us of a planned march taking place on Saturday 24 September by the ‘Patriots of Brittan’, marching for Stop the Invasion, an anti-immigration march. The march will start at Parliament Square and move off for 12.30pm. They will move to Buckingham Palace via an unknown route whereby 2 minutes silence will take place. The group will then move to the Home Office, Marsham Street and complete in Hyde Park – again via an unknown route. Speeches will be held at either the start or finish of the event which is expected to complete for 2pm. Estimated numbers are currently around 500, however there is a proportionate policing plan. There is the potential for disruption in the area of the Government Security Zone (GSZ).

Nigeria Diaspora Association march, Saturday 24 September 12-3pm

March from Marble Arch > Kensington High Street organised by the Nigeria Diaspora Association. Around 100 people are expected to attend. This protest is not being policed at present but the police are aware of this event.