ACT Document Awareness

This bespoke training is designed for and aimed at any staff member who, as part of their role, is required to verify and check ID documents.

This can include, but not be limited to HR, recruitment, hotels, casinos and banks, with this training ideally being refreshed regularly.

Document verification and checking are the process of making sure that documents presented are examined thoroughly, though discreetly, to confirm genuine and that the holder is the rightful owner.

It is an in-person, interactive workshop lasting two hours and delivered by specially trained officers from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office.

The session involves examining a range of different counterfeit documents and being trained in how and what to look out for, plus using tools available to identify.

The training also covers 3 key areas where such fraud can occur:

  • Imposters – this is the simplest type of document fraud, where the ‘holder’ is simply a look-a-like, and the document is often not altered at all.
  • Counterfeits – a counterfeit document is usually made from scratch to resemble an officially issued document, with the quality of counterfeits varying greatly and high-quality counterfeits can be difficult to identify.
  • Forgeries – a forged document is a genuine document which has been altered for a criminal purpose. Altering photographs and personal details are common examples, but pages, visas and stamps may also be forged.

Date and time: Monday 11 March 2024 10am-12pm
Location: The Cumberland Hotel, Great Cumberland Place W1H 7DL

To book a place please email