Carbon Literacy Training

Course overview:

Aimed at leaders and other decision-makers, this online carbon literacy training programme can be completed in approximately 2.5 hours and develops an understanding of carbon emissions, climate change and sustainability within a business context.

Learn how to measure and reduce the environmental impact of your organisation and create opportunities for cost reductions and enhanced resource efficiencies.

Carbon Literacy training gives you the understanding necessary to bring your organisation and operations in line with net-zero targets and strategies. It also supports compliance with environmental legislation and demonstrates a sustainability commitment to stakeholders.

Course outline:

This course contains four modules:

  1. Understanding sustainability: Explores the larger concept of sustainability and provides context for understanding carbon emissions and potential solutions.
  2. Key environmental sustainability issues: Examines critical sustainability issues – such as climate change, resource security and pollution – and strategies to address them. Also looks at how other organisations have had success in these areas.
  3. Tackling emissions: Outlines existing measures to limit carbon and how your organisation can quantify its emissions and set reduction targets.
  4. Resource efficiency: Explains how to reduce emissions across your organisation and improve resource efficiency for more sustainable operations.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand sustainability issues in a business context
  • Measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Develop a carbon management plan
  • Improve resource efficiencies and lower costs
  • Gain awareness of relevant legislation and international treaties

Take the course online at a time that suits you.
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